Broadcasting Meetings With An iPad

It was our goal this year to start making use of easily accessible technology to broadcast our Board of Education meetings at our school. Here is what I’ve tried so far….

We used High School Cube as our broadcasting service. I’ve not seen this before this year but tried it out several times throughout marching season. OF course it is really difficult to broadcast live marching band shows from the football field! I did record the marching show though and uploaded it later. It seems very straight forward and easy to use. People do have to register in order to watch the live streams but I’m not sure that is a bad thing.

High School Cube even GAVE us a tripod, a headset, a lens to get closer to the action and an iPad holder to attach it to the tripod. How nice of them!

We then used one microphone hooked into a small mixer which feed my Line6 Sonic Port. That then went into my iPad Air which was mounted on the tripod sitting safely in the mount that High School Cube supplied. Check the bottom of this post for a picture of this equipment.

Then we simply fired up the High School Cube app, signed in and hit the broadcast button. Seconds later we were live!

The audio worked pretty well! I was not sure about using only one mic but you can clearly understand everything and hear everyone. I do not like having to have the mic turned up as high as it was though – we got too much background noise, like papers rustling and people moving around. Two microphones would be better but that would require a mixer or interface like the PreSonus AudioBox iTwo $159.95. That interface would be a benefit in that the two mic’s could plug into the interface and then that would plug straight into the iPad. The benefit being getting rid of the mixer along with the power cord need for it and that would also mean one less cable!

Overall – this is a super simple process and the streaming worked flawlessly! Very happy with the quality of the stream – Thanks to High School Cube for making this so simple. They have taken all the techie weird stuff and made it so easy even a caveman could do it!

Would love to hear from any of you that have tried this and what has worked well for you.

Great News From SymphonyPro

SymphonyPro Small IconSymphonyPro for the iPad is one of the better music notation apps available. In fact, there really are three apps you should be looking at when talking about music notation on an iPad – Notion, NotateMe and SymphonyPro.

SymphonyPro is the app that takes the least amount of space and is what we would consider a full featured notation app.

Notion is another full featured notation app but is going to take some serious space on your iPad so beware those of you with 16GB iPads!

NotateMe is what you want if you are looking to handwrite your music (an amazing feeling by the way) OR if you are looking for the ability to scan your sheet music (as in take a picture with the iPad’s camera and have it turned into digital music notation.


SymphonyPro is coming to the iPhone! Plus if you act quick enough on release you just might get an unbeatable price! I have no idea what the final price will be, I have not heard that.

This idea of having SymphonyPro on an iPhone 6+ is very intriguing to me! I sure hope it has been optimized for the additional size!

Go sign up on their website to be notified when the app has passed the gatekeepers at the Apple Store. This might happen even before Christmas but who knows….


ThumbJam on Sale! Get it NOW!

ThumbJam Small IconThumbJam

This from the FaceBook of the developer for ThumbJam: “Can’t believe it has been this long since my iOS dev journey began… ThumbJam is celebrating its 5 year anniversary on the App Store tomorrow. So, it will be on sale for 1/5 the normal price for 5 days, starting Sunday, December 14th!

Please take this opportunity to tell people who may not have it already, that it is finally the time to grab it.

Enjoy, and thanks for all the support!?

If you for some odd reason do NOT have ThumbJam you should absolutely take this opportunity to grab this app immediately! Then fire it up and select the Cello patch and start playing! An amazing app with awesome sounds and an innovative interface that allows for great playability!

WorkFlow App – Powerful Automation Made Simple.

WorkFlow Small IconWorkFlow – $2.99

Well now! This was unexpected!

One thing that has caught my eye here is that this app will allow for creation of a PDF from any other app! Now THIS could be useful!

A second feature that caught my eye is that you can make extensions with WorkFlow to extend the capabilities of other apps. Hmmmm…..

Plus is it 40% off currently!


To-Do Apps for iOS and Mac – What do you use?

There are so many To-Do apps out there for Mac and iOS. I am very interested in what people use on their iOS devices that will also sync to your Mac.

  • Wunderlist
  • 2Do
  • Good Task
  • Apple’s Reminders

What else? Leave me a comment below and I would love to know why you do or don’t use specific apps.

ReBirth for iPad is On Sale! Lowest Price ever!

ReBirth for iPad was introduced Nov 2010 and the sale price of $2.99 is the lowest price it has been ever seen.

If these screenshots excite you I'm sure you will jump at this sale! Of course if you have any idea of what ReBirth is in the first place you will probably jump at this chance too!

For those of you not sure what this…. In short – ReBirth is software emulation of two of the major drum machines and also the 303 bass synth from the 1990's that drove dance music (of course others used it too…. We used the 909 in many church programs back when a real drum machine was frowned on at church! Well, now that you know how old I am….)

It seems like maybe this could be used by two students on one iPad? Might be a great musical sharing app!






Music Notation on the iPad – NotateMe Rules!

I’ve just got to mention the fact that the NotateMe Icon SmallNotateMe app combined with the PhotoScore plug-in is an absolutely astounding tool!


I’ve got a contra-alto clarinet player and I really want her to play lower notes then what is written on the Baritone Sax part.


STEP 1)Pull out the iPad with the NotateMe app, open it up and jump into the PhotoScore plugin. I snap a photo of the first page of music, wait a few seconds while the music staves are recognized, tap the Next Page button and snap a photo of the second page. After a VERY short amount of time PhotoScore and NotateMe have scanned, recognized and turned a photo into editable musical notation! There are usually VERY few errors in working with a single instrument part like a tuba part in this case! I find that I end up editing out some text items because it just simply ends up in the wrong measure. Even articulations, dynamics markings and hairpins are all recognized with a great deal of accuracy.

STEP 2)The editing part is so much fun – I use my finger and handwrite any errors that actually do occur. After all, NotateMe is an app for hand-writting your music on an iOS device!

STEP 3)I will usually end up exporting an XML file out of NotateMe to use on my laptop in the end. In doing this XML exporting I have found at lest one interesting observation. If I export straight out of NotateMe into Notion on my laptop I find that many, many, many hairpins and dynamics end up ABOVE the staff instead of below the staff where they SHOULD be. BUT if I export the XML out of NotateMe into SymphonyPro Small IconSymphonyPro on the iPad 1st and then send it over to Notion on my laptop the dynamics are all in the correct spot. Take look at the two screenshots to see an example.

SymPro and Notion Comparisons

Both of the above screen shots are from Notion on the laptop. I have not edited much while in NotateMe! I do have to constantly fix multiple measure rests – NotateMe just does not recognize those. It also frequently gets confused when you have meter changes in the middle of a piece – as you can see on the left above at measure 69. For the life of me I can NOT figure out how to fix that issue within NotateMe – guess I should read the manual!


Music Notation on the iPad has caused me to be able to leave behind a $250 laptop app and a $250 scanner now sits collecting dust in the corner – simply because NotateMe with the PhotoScore plugin works BETTER!

This works well with an iPhone, iPodTouch and of course the iPad.

The full version of the app can be bought here – NotateMe Icon SmallNotateMe

There is a FREE (yes, FREE!) version of the app that allows you to scan one stave pieces of music – i.e. a Tuba part! It is called me NotateMe Icon SmallNotateMe Now


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