Tunable is Free for a little while longer

Tunable Screen ShotTunable is currently free! A great tuner – shows a history of your intonation issues!

Save Time In Front Of Class With LaunchCenter Pro for iPad

Teachers all understand the importance of saving even a few keystrokes, a few seconds, in front of a class of middle students! The more that technology takes a back seat in a lesson plan the better off we all are. If the tech isn't bringing attention to itself but the students learning is front and center then the tech is in the right place.

That means that we must become very comfortable with the tech we are using, we can not be stumbling and fumbling to make things happen. It also means that any shortcut we can use to get technology working faster and smoother is a good idea.

Launch Center Pro for iPad and iPhone has a simple mission statement that fits the above criteria…. “Launch actions, not just apps!” Think about it…. Why do we launch an app in the first place? We launch apps to do things. That means that once the app launches we then start tapping more buttons to do that “thing”.

I message parents frequently but I usually wait until after class…. What if I could speed that task up and send a message faster? Would I communicate even more?

I like to tweet about exciting learning taking place in class but opening the camera, then taking a picture, then opening Twitter to send the tweet is quite a few steps. What if I could do all of that in one step? Would I spread more news about the learning going on in class?

What about taking attendance…. Open Safari, open bookmarks then finally tap the website for school attendance. How about jumping right there?

Well if those sort of thoughts entice you to rethink your use of tech then you need to take a look at Launch Center Pro… There is the iPad version and then the iPhone version.

Here is the first line from their website…., “It’s like speed dial for everyday tasks. Launch Center Pro saves you time by launching complex actions in a single tap.”



Password Manager for FREE! Get one!

I don’t care which app you use but you REALLy need an app to keep track of your passwords! I don’t mean the notes app either! 

Password ManagaerPassword Manager PRO is free today with Appgratis.com so if you haven’t started using an app for this today is your lucky day! Go try this one out. 


Get iMaschine for Free!

What an awesome deal for those of you who want to get immersed with todays music tech apps!


If you don’t have iMaschine you may be able to get it for free – try this….

“Apple is running a promotion. You need to do this on an iPhone or iPod (but of course you can install it on an iPad once you have download the app to your phone) You need the Apple Store app https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/apple-store/id375380948?mt=8 Go to the “Stores” tab and you should see the promo. Works in the US and some other countries, but maybe not everywhere.”



Notes Plus app on Big Sale!

Notes Plus Small IconNotes Plus (currently 0.99 cents!) is one of those apps that i always re-install every time I purchase a new iPad or do a clean restore on one.

The handwriting is just beautiful, you can record audio, annotate PDF’s and the app has intelligent shape recognition. In fact, it even has handwriting recognition if you spring for the in-app-purchase.


Fantastical for Mac on Sale 50% off

Fantastical Large IconDid you know that the Mac app for Fantastical is currently on a 50% sale for $9.99?

Awesome way of handling your calendars! There is an app that lives in your menu bar and you access all your calendar info from there. It is fast! Fast because it is right there all the time, fast because you add events using natural language input and fast because you are not waiting for an app to open up to see what you have going on!


Notability Note Taking App for iOS and Now For the Mac!

I love being able to grab my device and get stuff done. I don’t like having to grab a specific device though. I want to use whichever device is with me at any given time, be it my iPhone when I am out and about or my iPad or if I am sitting at my desk my computer. That means that I’ve got to have apps that work across all devices and seamlessly syncs across all devices WTHOUT ME HAVING TO THINK ABOUT IT!

Notability has now entered that realm of amazingness! I’ve been using the Notability app on my iOS devices for several years now and love the functions available there. It is the app I use when taking notes with students on the big screen in class, it is the app I use when working on worksheets in class on the big screen and it is the app I use to keep track of each classes music theory progress through out the year.

Now GingerLabs has also released Notability for the Mac, just in time for school!

Notability Mac Small Iconthe Mac App is $9.99

Notability iOS Small Iconthe iOS App is currently $2.99 which is 40% off!


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