Cloud Outliner Pro – 60% off

Well this is a welcome addition to staying organized –

Cloud Outliner for Mac.png$3.99 – Cloud Outliner Pro for Mac

Cloud Outliner Pro Icon.png$0.99 – Cloud Outliner Pro for iPad

Cloud Outliner Pro Icon.png$0.99 – Cloud Outliner Pro for iPhone

Let’s make outlines and stay organized! I love it when you can use an app on all your devices AND they all stay in Sync!

Cloud Outliner Pro Screen.png


Using Cubasis and the new Waves Plugins to Edit My School Choir Concert Recordings on my iPad

Steinberg just released version 2.3 ofCubasis Logo Cubasis which is on sale for 50% off! This update includes IAP’s for some awesome Waves Plug-ins. These Waves Plug-ins IAP ($19.99) do require iPad 4 or higher, iPad mini 2 or higher models.

• Waves AudioTrack Channel Strip (in-app purchase) — Get a mixing console’s channel strip including compression, EQ and gating in one convenient, intuitive plug-in.
• Waves L1 Ultramaximizer (in-app purchase) — Make your tracks sound professional, with proper loudness levels that will let them stand out.
• Waves Q10 Equalizer (in-app purchase) — Use the pro’s first choice and enjoy surgically precise equalization for mixing your tracks.

Waves Q10.jpg
Waves Q10 EQ

There are also some other nifty features like being able to save presets inside of these plug-ins! Awesome news – thank you very much Steinberg! You can also record automation of parameters inside of audio units! This is SO SWEET! (Just not sure how many music educators will make use of that feature though – unless they are getting creative and not simply recording their ensembles performances!)

So I thought I’d put the plug-ins through their paces and edit our choir concert recordings from just the other evening.

At the concert I used our PreSonus StudioLive soundboard to easily record the 6 microphones and the piano we were using for the choir. We had 3 mics right in front of the choir and 3 hanging overhead. Now, the overhead mics were NOT used for the audience and they were a little offset from the choir but I recorded them anyways just to see what they would give me. Ended up adding a bit of a natural reverb effect or maybe a doubling effect to the recording and I kind of liked it.

By using the Waves plug-ins I was able to very quickly go through the recordings and bump up the levels using the maximizer.

Waves Maximizer.jpeg

Then I added EQ using both AudioTrack Channel Strip plugin as well as the Q10 EQ.

Waves Channel Strip.jpg

I did make good use of the presets Steinberg already created as well as creating my own to use later after tweaking theirs.

Cubasis Presets.PNG

I also added some reverb using the builtin reverb from Cubasis along with the VirSyn AudioReverb audioUnit app. I LOVE LOVE LOVE audioUnits by the way! But that is for another post later.

VirSyn AudioReverb.PNG

Of course I did a couple of other quick edits like cutting out some sniffles, trimming the ending and adding fade ins and outs.

All in all it took me under 14 minutes from the point I started importing the audio into my iPad until I was done. By the way…. I LOVE iOS11’s Files app! I use the ability to sync my Desktop on my Laptop to iCloud ALL the time! I used it here to take the audio recordings from the thumb drive, I put the audio into a folder on my iCloud desktop and then simply imported those files using my iPad into Cubasis. At the end I did a mix-down of the final edited track and pushed that from my iPad out to iCloud and my laptops desktop folder again! No WIRES!

I was pretty proud of the job the choir kids did on this piece – we are a small school and as you would expect, the choir is small too. The choir kids also do not tend to do more than just one or two trimesters of choir either. Which is sad but as we have no middle school choir program to build on this situation will not change I’m sure.

Anyways – I recorded the entire process so you could see and hear how easy this is. This will allow you to hear why you should absolutely be doing this yourself – it is EASY! I did find out that Apple at some point took away the sound from the videos when you use screen recording on iOS11 – that meant I had to quick grab a cord and my handheld recorder to hook up to the headphone jack on my iPad. That cord did give me a bit of trouble so please excuse that!

I did have to give you some funky background music for the start and end of my video – I didn’t want you to get bored while watching me load the audio files into Cubasis. I used Novations GrooveBox apps for creating my background music. If you haven’t tried this app yet you really need to download it and start playing with it!

GrooveBox from Novation – FREE

Time to Gobble Some App Sales Up! Great Deals to be Had This Weekend!

Well if you Americans are done eating that turkey then it’s time to grab some pie! THEN you really need to grab some of these app deals for musicians!

If you are a music educator these apps are the top of my list for being the most useful to teachers. If you are not a teacher but are a musician these apps would STILL top my list as being the most useful for creating music! There are a bunch of other apps on sale but like I said…. these top my list as being apps you should be using!

My top pick is actually NOT an app on sale for iPad but instead for your computer – If you do not have Notion yet then this is the time to grab it! If you have Notion but have NOT updated then this is the time to do it! 50% OFF

OK… on to iPad/iPhone apps….

Cubasis LogoCubasis – 50% off at $24.,99. If you don’t have an app to do multi track recording then these first two apps are the way to go, especially at these prices! PLUS Cubasis just had an awesome update giving us even more power but more about that in another post!

Auria LogoAuria Pro – 50% off at $24.99 

Auria LogoAuria LE – $11.99 – The limited version of Auria Pro but still worth every cent!

AUM MixerAUM – Audio Mixer – $15.99 (down from $18.99) This outstanding app is THE way to integrate multiple apps and mix them all together on iOS

Audio ShareAudio Share – $2.99 – Use this app as the way to share all your audio recordings between your apps. You can also edit your audio recordings inside of this app as well. Record, edit, convert, trim, normalize, convert… it’s all there.

impaktor-iconImpaktor – The Drum Synthesizer – $2.99  – Without a doubt one of the most fun drum apps ever made! Simply put on your headphones, open the app, turn up the volume and let your inner drummer go to town on whatever playing surfaces you may be near! Drum on the table, your cup, your friends head – it will all make for some interesting beats!

OnSong SmallOnSong – $19.99 (from $24.99) – If you perform from chord charts then this is THE app that you should be using!


Now if you are looking for some apps to create music with – you know like a drum beat, a synthesizer app, apps that are effects for using inside of Cubasis/Auria/AUM…. here is my list of the best that are on sale:

Beat Maker 3 IconBeatMaker 3 – $19.99 (50% off!) – oh wow is this a big one! Just a remarkable workflow that makes full use of the touch interface. Be prepared though to either buy some of their sound packs or import your own samples.

Fugue MachineFugue Machine – $4.99 (50% off!) – Four independent playheads – what fun!

dot melody small iconDot Melody – 60% off – Easy to create music without the need to understand music theory and how to play a piano!

LorentzLorentz Synthesizer – $5.99 (down from $7.99) – Synth app

RedshrikeRedShrike Synthesizer – $5.99 (down from $7.99) – Synth app

dm2-iconDM2 – $1.99 (from $4.99) – Drums

Elastic Drums LargeElastic Drums – $3.99 (from $8.99) – Amazing Drum Synth

Poseidon SynthPoseidon Synth – $9.99 (from $11.99)

AddictiveSynthAddictive Synth – $4.99 (from $6.99)

Sensual Sax Icon Sensual Sax $2.99 (from $4.99) – Because this is an amazing sounding sax.

Orsilus IconOrsilus – $3.99 (from $7.99) – Another great DAW with a refreshing take on the interface!

IKMultiMedia has some nice deals on their collection of apps as well. These are amazing sounding apps with solid user interfaces. Nothing weird or unexpected here – just great sound at an amazing price!

SampleTankSampleTank – $9.99

iGrand icon smalliGrand – $9.99

iLectric icon smalliLectric – $9.99

Of course Korg had to get in on the app sales as well. They did time this very nicely with a nice little update to their Korg Gadget that now includes several new IAP purchases to give you new modules to play with. Lisbon does sound amazing! Those IAP’s are on sale as well so act now!

Korg Gadget Small IconKorg Gadget $19.99 (50% off)- Korgs version of a DAW. Comes with great sounds already available but as you buy some of their other apps then those apps become available inside of Gadget as well as being stand alone apps!

All the IAP’s are on a 30%-33% sale currently as well!


Sonic LogicSonic Logic is $4.99 – great interface builder to allow you to control other apps and hardware/software on your laptop

Sonic Logic Screenshot.png

Talking about alternative playing interface –

Clawtar IconClawtar Adaptive MIDI Controller for $2.99 has to be one of my favorite

Last but not least here is an amazing synth app from Bleep Street called

Zeeon Synth.pngZeeon Synth – $4.99


MET Podcast Episode #12 with Dan Scott (Orchestra Teacher from MI) is now up!

Well this will make for some great podcast listening today and this weekend! For those of us who are in the US we can load this up while standing in those atrocious lines at the Black Friday Sales!

In this episode, Chris and I visit with Dan Scott, an Orchestra teacher in Jenison, Michigan.  Dan works at (and has been a key cotributor) to a very large and successful orchestra program (and music program) in Southern Michigan.  Dan uses technology in his teaching, and has ben active in MASTA and has a masters degree in educational technology.  Dan has also presented sessions on technology including “50 Ways to Integrate Technology in Your Music Program,” and he has graciously provided a link to the notes from that session – for the link to those notes visit the Podcast Ep #12 – Show Notes Page Here

Here is the link to our Podcast if you not listening through iTunes or some other Podcast app –

iTunes Link –

Updated GarageBand and Moog App Sales

Just in case you haven’t heard GarageBand for iOS had some very nice updates this week.

GarageBand for iOS

  • New Smart Drummers
  • New Sound Library/Pack Feature
  • New sounds from China and Japan
  • A new Beat Sequencer ( how has this NOT been a part of GarageBand up until now?)
  • More loops and grooves
  • Support for the new iOS11 file manager and browser
  • A new audio units view that supports full screen viewing of the AU being used – this is just superb!
  • And of course…. just like a zillion other interface has been updated for the new iPhone X. 

There are some other nice tweaks and such. Read them all on the App Store. 

I had to go try out the new audio unit view along with Moog’s Model15 app. This app was also updated to take advantage of Audio Unit capabilities this past week. AND if you don’t have Model15 or Animoog for iPad or Animoog for iPhone these apps are on an amazing sale currently! These apps are very inspiring and take full advantage fo the touch interface. I also made use of the free app by Roli called Noise which is also AU compatible. 

In all I ended up with 2 Model 15 tracks, 3 Noise tracks, a beat sequencer track alongside a smart drummer track. I also used smart strings and guitar and an Erhu track as well. 

It really is great to use Audi Units because I can use multiple instances of the same app! This was not so was before. 

All in all, this update to GarageBand is just one more reason to use the app for yourself, with students and just for the fun of it! 

Please take a listen to my musical wandering below 

iPad & Technology in Music Ed makes it into a top 100 Music Ed Blogs List!

Hey will ya look at that nice shiny award!?

So the kind people at FeedSpot, which just so happens to be one of the RSS news feeds that I use, listed this blog in the Top 100 Music Education Blogs list!

If you are interested in finding the other 99 then follow this link…

iOS11 Podcast with Robby and Chris

Robby Burns has a wonderful Podcast and this past school year he was focusing on doing podcasts with his friends that related to the book he wrote, “Digital Organization Tips for Music Teachers.

This time he invited Chris Russell and myself to talk about updating to iOS11. We had a great time talking together and exploring the new features that Apple has brought to us all in iOS11.

Updating to iOS11 – Robby Burns with Chris Russell and Paul Shimmons

If you have thoughts about how iOS11 is going to affect your teaching/performing/studying music please leave me a comment below!

iOS11 and High Sierra Updates for the Music Educator

So we now have both iOS11 and High Sierra available for all of us to update to! Or do we?

I keep hearing from major companies that we should all be holding off on updating our hardware to the latest software! In fact, take a look at THIS update from a software/hardware company that I just received today….

  • “Apple has announced its new macOS version, High Sierra, to be released on September 25. On October 17, Microsoft releases Fall Creators, their latest update to Windows 10.
  • From the end of October on, we shall begin testing our current line of products on both these operating systems.
  • Therefore, we strongly recommend to wait with the update to macOS High Sierra and Windows 10 Fall Creators until the entire compatibility chart for all Steinberg products has been published. This is especially important to customers relying on a trouble-free operation of our products.”

Um… the END of October you will START to test your products for compability? Seriously? The end of October? That’s a MONTH from now! Let me remind you that you manufacturers ALL have the same, or better, access to the beta software as what I do! I mean come on people – I’ve been running iOS11 since JUNE!

If you come to me and say “We’ve been testing our products since we’ve had access and we STILL are not ready to make our products compatible because we are having problems making it happen.” I’d understand THAT.

I do not in any shape or form understand what is going on when you say that you will START to test your products a full month AFTER the new operating systems have been released. 

OK – So with THAT rant over…. I will also add my word of caution to all of you eager to upgrade to the latest and greatest operating system… make sure you actually know what will work and what won’t after updating! Chris, Robby and I have a podcast recorded that discusses these issues a little bit. Of course the real reason we recorded the podcast is because we were discussing iOS11 and all that brings us! I will post a link to that podcast soon!

In the meantime… I’d love to hear if you had issues updating to iOS11 or High Sierra with any software/Apps/hardware that is Music repeated.