BeatMaker3 Free during NAMM!

Oh wow! Well this deal HAS TI BE THE DEAL OF THE YEAR!

BeatMaker3 is currently free!


No seriously…



iTunes12 – Playing Just One Song at a Time

So Apple in all it’s glorious wisdom constantly makes decisions based on what the company believes us end users need.

  • Some times that works out well for us.
  • Some times it backfires and blows up in Apples face – ummm, how many lawsuits is Apple currently facing for “slowing of older devices”? 12 I believe.
  • Sometimes it just drives long time users BONKERS

As is the case when I try to use iTunes to play the music for a show. I’ve done this for years and it has always been simple…

  • Create a Play list
  • Drop the tunes into said playlist
  • Make sure the little check boxes are all off

Then iTunes11 came out and hid the little check boxes! We found the solution last year. Apple apparently didn’t think we wanted to view our playlists as playlists any more. Thankfully Apple left the ability in iTunes to turn that WONDERFUL feature BACK ON – List the menus – VIEW/VIEW AS/PLAYLIST – as you can see in this screen shot…


iTunes Playlist view.png

Then this year iTunes12 was released. Remembering last years frantic frustration I went looking to make sure we could still play one song at a time. Good thing I did because once again Apple decided to hide my wonderful little check boxes! This time I had to go to PREFERENCES/GENERAL and make sure the option was on under List view Checkboxes as you can see in this screen shot…

View Check Boxes iTunes12.png

So now I can set my playlist to perform as I’ve done for years… If you look at the screen shot below you will see the first three songs have the check boxes marked so those three songs will play one after the other. The last three songs will not play until I select the song and hit the play button – after which the playlist will stop!

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 6.23.48 PM.png

The short version of this story is the same warning as ALWAYS!

NEVER NEVER NEVER update any software/hardware right before a performance if it is mission critical! You just never know what little thing, or big thing, is going to be different/missing that will mess you up!


Mussila Musical Monster Adventure – Notes/Rhythm is FREE

Well this is a nice distraction on my last day of vacation – Mussila Notes/Rhythm is free (normally $5)

and it’s a fun little game that introduces kids to some basics of music. Basics like what different instruments sound like, reading rhythms and playing piano while reading melodies.

This app is for sure aimed towards the younger children but it is fun for maybe even middle school kids? One thing that I like is that there is no IN App Purchases to be found.

The app starts with a map you have to progress through with the intro steps being identifying which instrument is playing.

As you get those answers correct you are moved on to the next levels which include identifying rhythms and playing piano melodies. When you have to play piano you are guided with colored keys.

The app even allows you to record your little mixes you create by selecting different instruments for the game characters to play.

This app was founded by a graduate from the Royal Academy of a Music in London so y9u know that there is some solid musical thinking behind the game. Plus it is free right now so go….

If you are so inclined there are several of their apps that are DJ based that are currently free as well.

Time to Decompress, Kick Back and Relax!

I hope your Christmas went well and you have a nice relaxing evening for New Years! I also hope you kick back and just enjoy a few minutes of YOU time without the pressures of having company, family and parties!

iTunes has some great movies on sale right now! Here are a few of MY favorite “Christmas” movies!

Die Hard – the entire 5 movie collection is only $20!

Daniel Craig Bond Collection – four movies for $40

Planet of the Apes Trilogy -Three of the newer Planet of the Apes Movies fro $25

Oceans Trilogy

Logan Lucky – from the makers of Oceans and a great movie.

Anyways…. there are a ton of good deals to be found on the iTunes Movie Store right now!

Luma Fusion is on its LAST day of being on sale! (Lowest price yet!)

Apple has given us iMovie for our iOS devices which is just a wonderful tool for us to create and share movies with but it is limited. Once you get the itch to start creating videos and want more then you will be on the search for an app that gives you more!

Luma Fusion Icon.pngLuma Fusion is that app…

Luma Fusion Audio TracksLuma Fusion has been prices $40, $30, $25 and lately $20 but currently it is at $17.99!

Used to be I’d suggest Pinnacle Studio but now those developers are the ones behind Luma Fusion – I sense a great story behind THAT but we are not going there!

Here is the description from their web site –

“LumaFusion is a powerful multi-track video editor used by mobile journalists, filmmakers and professional video producers to tell compelling video stories. If you are a professional or aspiring producer, journalist, or filmmaker, if you have a video story that’s begging to be told, if you want to use the latest technology for iOS; LumaFusion is the premiere professional video editing and effects app for you. If you’re not a “Pro” yet, our video tutorials, world-class free support, and incredible community of video enthusiasts and professionals on our forums will help you get there.”

Here is a their preview video:


Merry Christmas!

May you all find time to enjoy your families and enjoy a few moments of music Making!

As I find more apps on sale to help you in music making enjoyment I’ll post them here!

GeoShred is going to blow your mind and it is $15 right now!

Patterning is one of my favorite drum apps and it is down a couple bucks right now too at $8 – an innovative and very effective interface allowing y9u to come up with some great drum Patterns!

Quantiloop Pro is $6 – if you are looking at doing looping then this is one of the apps that will help you and it just had some great updates too!

Music App Sales

Cubasis – $25 (from $50)

Audio Unit EFX to buy to go along with Cubasis – RP-1 is $3 and RF-1 is $3

BeatMaker 3 – $25 (from $40)

Elastic FX – $7 – New and outstanding EFX app that is brilliantly designed!

Groove Rider GR16 – $10 (50% for Christmas) – New beat making app that sounds just amazing! 


AirVox – $1 (from $3)

Beathawk – $5 (from $10)

KASPAR – $10 (from $20)

Magellan – $5 (from $10)

Magellan Jr – $2 (from $5)

Steel Guitar – FREE (from $1)

GrooveBox – FREE

Figure – FREE

LaunchPad – FREE

LaunchKey – FREE

X Drummer – $10 (from $20)


Korg Gadget – $20
All IAP Gadgets on sale at 33% off as well!

Korg Module for iPad is – $20
All IAP Sound packs are also 50% off as well!
Get the Ivory Mobile Grand for $15! The TRITON Best Selection is only $10!

Korg Module Standard for iPhone is $15

Korg iMono/Poly – $15
Expansion Factory Pack is 40% off at $3!

Korg iWaveStation – $15
Wavestation Expansion Card Pack is 40% off at $3

Arp Odyssei is $15
Program Packs are 40% off at $3 each

Korg iM1 is $15
M1 Cards Pack is $3 and the T1 Cards Pack is $3 also

Korg iDS-10 is $10

Korg iPolysix is $15

Korg iMS-20 is $15 


Music Video Creation On iPad/iPhone

Got creative with your music apps and now you want to share it with the world? How about putting it in YouTube as a music Video?

Enter Wizibil – the quick and fun way to create a video to go along with your music.

Make your music with Cubasis, Earhoof, iTuttle and MicroSoniq using Interapp Audio (which basically means open a. Lille of apps and starting playing around then hit the record button a few times!)

Then share that to AudioShare and then bump it that out to Wizibil. Select your theme, dump in some pictures and type your info in.

Export to YouTube and share with the world!

(Video coming soon – boy does it take awhile to export of Wizibil!)

Nin-Genius is on Sale! Anyone who teaches Band/Orchestra/Piano should own this app!

NinGenius Main Screen.pngI can not say enough about how amazing this app is in the classroom! I have all my students using this app to show growth and understanding of fingerings on their instruments as well as note names! There is even a rhythm mode now! I wasn’t so sure about the usefulness of the rhythm mode but after I tried testing myself I soon came to realize that even my high school kids needed to be using this!

Now – before we get too far in I do feel I need to warn you that there are three versions of the app.

NinGenius ClassNin-Genius Music: Class Games – $7.99 currently (and worth every cent of the full price)

NinGenius Music StudioNin-Genius Music: Studio Games – $4.99 (For a trumpet teacher who only needs to test trumpets for instance. Studio Games version now allows 3 instruments upon startup, with additional instruments available for $0.99)

NinGenius 4 Kids.pngNin-Genius Music: Games 4 Kids – $0.99 – This is what your students would buy.

As the demands on us teachers grow to collect data these apps are in-despinsible! The Instructor mode in this app allows me to go in, view my students scores, look at their history and even better email myself a spreadsheet of that information!

NinGenius View History Screen.png

As for the students? They do not look at this as taking a test – it is a game for them! They love playing it and seeing how fast they can progress through all the different levels of belts. Plus, with three iPads being passed around the room I can make it through an entire class of testing in less than 50 minutes. If you have ever tried testing in a band room with 50 students sitting there you instantly know how painful it can get when one kid is playing a test and 49 others are sitting there waiting! Using Nin-Genius means every kid is either testing or rehearsing. Instant win!

There are 18 instruments provided in Nin-Genius. Plus each person can choose to test on note names, fingerings and now even rhythms.

If you are a music teacher and do NOT own this game now is the time to act!

NinGenius Instruments Screen.png

NinGenius 4 Kids.png

Getting Creative with Cubasis (and a few other apps)

With all the music apps we have available to us it is all to rare that I just sit down and play with those apps. When I do the process is simple, open them up and start playing with the sounds available – much like taking crayons out of the box and simply starting to draw. Once I find a sound or two that is intriguing to me then I open up Cubasis and start recording a few things.

Tonight I had Christmas songs stuck in my head after driving 30 minutes to shop in the Black Friday craziness. So… I used one of those tunes, Micrologue (the synth inside of Cubasis), Mersenne, Laplapce and Impaktor to record my meandering thoughts. Then I threw in some of the new Waves plug-ins on the tracks, some AudioReverb from VirSyn, and AltiSpace as well.

InterApp Audio is still buggy inside of Cubasis in iOS11. I had to force quite Cubasis a few times to keep connections going. Not sure is the issue is Cubasis, iOS11 or the other apps. Still – it is worth the hassles!

InterApp Audio.jpeg
Using Mersenne as an InterApp Audio Instrument (or whatever you call it)

In order to get the drums from Impaktor I actually just used the sequencer inside of that app to record the loop and then exported it out into Cubasis. If you have never used Impaktor you really have to load this app up and get to playing! It listens to you hitting, tapping, moving, talking or what ever noise the mic picks up and then turns that into a trigger for whatever drum sound you have selected! There is a six track sequencer built into the app itself which is how I recorded my little loop.

Impaktor is so much fun!

When I got around to putting on the effects I always like using the AudioUnits. AU are an extremely stable method of using other apps inside of Cubasis. So many benefits to using AU – like the fact that those AU’s and their settings get automatically recalled the next time you load your project! Like the fact that you can use multiple instances of that AU in your project😁! When you use another through InterApp Audio you can only use that other app once 😒.

VirSyn AudioReverb Audio Unit.jpeg
Using AudioReverb as an Audio Unit

The next step is to share it… I mean, what good is that music if no one else ever hears it? Well actually, most people are not going to find my creation “their” type of music. Who cares – maybe 10 people will listen maybe none. But at least I created and shared.

So if I have peaked you interest in listening to my crazy creation Here ya go….