iPad Pro 12.9″ Is AMAZING!

I finally saved enough pennies to purchase an iPad Pro. I should not even have to mention that the size I purchased is the big Pro, the 12.9″. As a musician, or at least as a music teacher, this purchase should be mandatory in my opinion.

I will write more and share more but here is my first published deep impact realization of how much of a game changer this size is…. Here is my iPad Air2 next to the iPad Pro displaying the same score but the Pro is actually displaying TWO pages of the score. You can see that the 12.9″ of display space allows for this TWO page display and it is almost the same size as one page on the iPad Air!

iPadPro vs iPadAir Size.jpg

Amazing Music Tech Performance!

  If you like some great music that is created using technology then this will make your week!

Perplexon is a musician from Denmark I belive, who is really digging into using technology to create music that is pretty amazing  in this video he is using these colored orbs that have wi remotes inside. I just about fell out of my chair when he grabbed that first orb and the sound that came out was a perfect example of awesomeness!

Go watch and go subscribe to his YouTube channel, Facebook, SoundCloud, BandCamp and whatever else he has available!

Dealing with Documents As A Teacher

Technology is supposed to help us but if we don’t even know what is possible or the best way to handle situations then the tech is useless!

Like dealing with the overwhelming pile of documents as a teacher – and I’m not even talking about the music here in this post!

Since I am on Spring Break and sitting 100 feet from the Gulf of Mexico I’m going to make this short….


Hands down the best app for this task is Scanner Pro 6 IconScanner Pro and this is on sale right now for $3.99! Just go get it!



I use a combination of the following:

  1. DropBox – Cloud storage
  2. Box.net – Cloud storage
  3. PDF ExpertPDF Expert – $9.99 (Anything that I need to annotate and write on goes into this app!
  4. Documents Small IconDocuments – Free and the bonus here is that there are some SWEET updates coming for this app!

Borderlands Granular 50% Off

 Borderlands Granular is 50% through this weekend – best sale of the week right here folks!

Well this is welcome news! If you have never seen this app in action check out the YouTube I’ve linked in at the bottom of the post. This is one of the greatest alternative music creating apps I’ve seen, and believe me …. I’ve looked at a TON! It’s got so much potential o create everything from normal sounding to the WAY out there experimental stuff that some may not call music at all! Such a great app to put into the hands of students that are willing to explore and experiment!

As I am on Spring Break I’m going to cheat  here a bit and just post a clip from the App Store…. Check the video below as it will make you want to flip to the App Store and click buy NOW!


DayOne 2 App Goes Free! 

If you don’t have an app to journal in this is the time to move! DayOne2 has recently been updated to version 2 which has made an already stellar app even better! Plus it now has an IFTTT channel too! What you have to do though to score this deal is open the Apple Store app, scroll down towards the bottom and soon you will see this…..


Screens VNC 3 is on a nice sale for a short time. 

  Screens VNC 3

Even better than this sale is the fact that they are working in Screens 4 and it will be a free update for anyone using Screens 3!

This is a wonderful app that allows you to control your computer from an iOS device. Very useful for music teachers who have apps on their desktop/laptop they need to control – like when your laptop is connected to your classroom projector. Or when you need to control a DAW from your keyboard. Or when you want to record your ensemble from the podium and be able to playback from the podium all the while using your phone/iPad as the “remote”. 


Teachers Recording Ensembles – How and Why

As a music teacher you absolutely should be making use of easy to use technology to record your rehearsals. These are for you as much as your students –

  1. PRIMARY REASON – Students always think they are better than they actually are – until they hear themselves!
  2. SECONDARY REASON – Show progress and proof of learning your classes objectives. Record them sight-reading the piece and then mid-way and then at the concert.
  3. THIRD REASON – These let you sit down later and review what needs to be done in upcoming rehearsals!
  4. The list could go on and on but you can make your own list…. I want to share how I do this…..

HOW? Got a phone or an iPad? What about one of these little handheld recorders? Easy to use, easy to carry and they sound pretty darn good!

Tascam DR22WL.pngHere is one of the recorders I use – A Tascam DR22WL- it cost about $150. I love it because it has a Wi-Fi server built into it so that I can remote control it from my iPhone. So what I do is set the recorder up out front of the band, put my iPhone on my podium and from my podium I can start/stop/playback/set levels and other things without ever touching the recorder.

Of course I end up taking many recordings off the Recorder/iPhone/iPad and using them for reference in score study along with other reference later. This also allows me to make the three basic edits on each track – 1)Set the start/stop points so there isn’t excess noise 2)Normalize the volume and 3)Convert the file from Wave to AAC so it is a more manageable file size.


AudioShare.PNGI take the files from the SD card or simply hook up a USB cable from the recorder to my laptop to pull the files into DropBox. The next step is to use my iPad with a wonderfully handy app called

AudioShare SmallAudioShare. AudioShare allows me to pull each file (or a batch of them) from DropBox onto my iPad. Then once that file is in AudioShare I startediting/normalizing/converting – which takes about a minute per track. The final step is to upload those files back into DropBox so i can pull them into iTunes. Once in iTunes all my devices are able to see these files and play them because of my subscription to iTunes Match.

AudioShare SmallAudioShare will be the best $4.99 you’ve spent on an app in a long time if you don’t already own it and you are a music teacher doing this sort of thing.

BONUS – IN FACT…. If you just simply want to use your iPad/iPhone to record you can do all of this from AudioShare – record, edit and upload all from one little app!


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