Nebo Notes App Free! Have an iPad Pro? Get this app now!

Nebo is one of those apps that make having an iPad Pro and an Apple Pencil a truely magical experience. 

Nebo is powered by MyScript Interactive Ink. This is the same company that Notion gets its handwriting technology from. So those of you who have tried that already knows how good the recognition is. 

The premise is simple – hand write your notes and have Nebo turn them into text and export as a digital document. You can structure your notes using titles, paragraphs and even bullet lists. Include equations,diagrams, sketches and annotate pictures. 

Here’s the deal – this is not re-leading ,y use of Notability but Nebo sure is amazing!

Download it while it is free! 

Nebo on the App Store

EditNotability on the App Store ($9.99)

ME&T Podcast Episode 4 with UnRealBook Developer Aron Nelson

I seriously can not believe that this is Episode #4! This time around Chris and I chat with Aron Nelson Developer of UnRealBook. 

Such an awesome discussing current news in music education and music technology! We have such fun doing these!

Show notes….

Here is your link to the actual podcast…

Apps on Sale That Music Teachers Should Consider!

First app is a no brainer for anyone who wants to use their iPad/iPhone for a musical instrument –

SampleTankSampleTank is currently only $1.99! Normal price is $19.99!

SampleTank was just recently updated and now allows 8 multi-timbral slots into which you can insert sounds from a wide variety of included instruments.

• 8-part multitimbral professional-quality sound and groove module
• Expandable sound library with 600+ instruments in 16 categories
• Layers feature lets you easily create zones on your controller for multi-part performances
• Live and Song modes optimized for composition and live performance
• Streamlined interface for faster workflow
• Integrated 8-track MIDI recorder with song export
• MIDI learn feature makes programming external controllers a breeze
• Play interface with piano keyboard, scale keyboard and enhanced drum pads
• Universal app compatible with iPad and iPhone with iOS 8 and later

Secondly is an awesome app for anyone into looping who also uses MIDI keyboards –

Infinite Looper Icon.pngInfinite Looper by Secret Base Design is currently only $9.99

From the stage to the studio, Infinite Looper will let you capture musical ideas, and can provide the framework for songwriting, all in a single integrated app. Loop MIDI phrases easily, control six different instruments, and quickly assemble loops into full songs. Visit the Secret Base Design web site for details and demonstration videos.


  • Internal SoundFont Engine – Built into the app is an extensive SoundFont library with hundreds of instruments, and multiple drum kits.
  • Inter-App Audio – Infinite Looper can host IAA-compatible synth apps
  • MIDI In and Out – The app recognizes MIDI from other apps, over Bluetooth connections, and from hardware controllers.
  • Loop sequencer – select different sets of loops for each section of a song, and the app will step through them automatically.
  • MIDI Export – Infinite Looper will export a MIDI file for a song, which can be loaded into professional desktop DAWs.
  • Keyboards and Pads – The app features a responsive piano-style keyboard — adjust note velocity by touching towards the tops of the keys. And because on-screen keyboards can be hard to play, there’s also ten pages of programmable pads.
  • Quantization and MIDI Latency – To lock down timing, you can toggle on quantization, or leave it off, for a natural feeling. If you use external MIDI controllers, the app can time shift to account for the delay of Bluetooth connections or WiFi. And if you use an audio-to-MIDI converter app like MIDImorphosis, latency compensation can tighten up the timing.
  • All the standards – Infinite Looper supports Ableton Link, making it easy to synchronize the app with other Link-enabled apps. There’s full support for Inter-App Audio and IAA MIDI, and Audiobus too.
  • MIDI Learn – If you’re playing live, your hands might be busy with a keyboard or a guitar. With MIDI learn, you can control the app with a foot controller. Toggle on and off recording, switch tracks, and more.
  • Import and Export – Easily share projects with friends using AirDrop, Dropbox, or by email.
  • Take Notes – Infinite Looper projects include a text notepad


Lights and Performances

Sorry for the lack of posting – it’s been marching season.

Did you ever wish for a way to add some lighting to your performances? What about being able to DJ school dances and have your students be the ones to run that?

Now, did you ever price those lights? Yeah…. so have I. Expensive – between the controller and the lights – WOW!

So I come to offer another suggestion – what about using smart bulbs? LIFX and Phillips Hue both offer smart bulbs that are color for abound $40-$60 a bulb. These bulbs can be controlled from a smartphone or tablet. So no extra controller is really needed besides an app or two. 

I also found a really fun looking app called Light DJ that can do some pretty sweet things with those lights that would be more like a full set of DJ lights would be capable of achieving. 

Here are a couple of screen shots to give you an idea…

I will report back to you after our first dance but I am really liking the possibilities here. We have an electronic music ensemble here that these lights will be fun to play with as well. It’s just one more facet to make the show more interesting!

The LIFX bulbs are also on sale right now for $39.99. I noticed that WalMart has the Phillips Hue bulbs marked lower as well – $44

I will say that the Phillips Hue requires an extra hub. I am personally having an issue getting THAT working here at school so take that into account. The LIFX bulbs are not an issue. 

Addictive Pro Synth is out!

I am a bit behind the times but there is a new iPad synth on the scene and it is a monster addition to a steadily growing options for making music with your iPad!

Addictive Pro is still currently on a 40% off introductory price – I have no idea how long that will last and I AM behind in posting here as I am in the middle of Marching Season!

Addictive Pro is by VirSyn who is no stranger to the mobile music making scene! With this release they add an app that strengthens their foothold for anyone making music these days. 

Here is an idea of what you get – Adictive Pro is a synth that takes hybrid synthesis and gives you many different ways in which to shape and control the complex sounds. There is a four part polyrhythm Arpeggiator included inside of the synth which should excite an music educator – I mean come on! Polyrhythms? Easy access to controls for the modulation, an easy to understand arpeggiator section and a stellar FX section (7 studio standard effects available concurrently!) all gives you great control over the synthesis (Virtual Analog, FM and Ringmodulation)

The app supports CoreMIDI compatible keyboards, Virtual MIDI, AudioBus and InterApp Audio as well. Maybe they will even work on creating an audio unit component to this synth (not holding my breath on that one though)

Here is a demo….

MET Podcast News

As Chris posted on his site –

“We have some good news about the ME&T Podcast…we have already overwhelmed the free hosting features of Podomatic.  As a result, we’re looking for a service that can handle the storage and bandwidth of our podcast.

The answer is SoundCloud Pro Unlimited, which is $135 a year (this represents a discount over monthly billing).  We will be moving all of our existing material to SoundCloud and adding new episodes there in the future.  If you are following on iTunes, hopefully the feed will update with the new RSS feed.

Paul and I are wondering if there is a music education company out there that would be willing to sponsor the hosting fees for SoundCloud Pro for the podcast.  In exchange, we would be happy to read an advertisement for a YEAR for that company during the “break” that we have built into our podcasts.  Please send us an e-mail if you are a company that would be willing to sponsor our Podcast!


Have you missed the Podcast?”

We are almost ready to share our 3rd MET Podcast Episode with you – This time we have a wonderful interview with another great music company that focuses on music education!

Here are the Soundcloud links –


Cubasis has been updated!

Cubasis LogoWell now I know why Cubasis went on sale yesterday!

What a great morning!

Cubasis has been updated to 2.0! Along with that update comes a 50% off sale for a little while so if you haven’t invested in a recording app for your iPad then this is a great time to act! This is a great choice to record your rehearsals, performances, and auditions with. It is of course meant to do multi-track recordings like in a studio.


Some very nice improvements in this update – like the channel strip improvements! Here is the list from the app store…

What’s New in Version 2.0

• A Refreshed User Interface – Enjoy profound usability by straightforward workflows
• Real-time Time-Stretch – Tempo match audio loops to your song’s tempo in a snap
• Pitch shift with formant correction – Easily change keys of any tracks and tune them to perfection
• A studio-grade channel strip – Reach true sound perfection for all channels
• Spin FX – Tweak and mash-up your tracks with DJ-like breaks, stops and stutters
• MicroSonic TAPE instruments – Perfectly recreate trademark sounds from the ’60s era
• 76 new Micrologue presets – Lay down your tracks with cutting-edge modern synth sounds
• Factory loops tempo match – Enjoy the freedom to use included audio loops at any tempo
• MIDI Auto Quantize – Sync MIDI tracks with the beat while recording
• Ready for iOS 10 – Cubasis 2.0 is fully tested and proven iOS 10 compatible
• Maintenance and improvements – For the complete list of improvements, issues and solutions please visit