Navigation in OnSong and ForScore – Video

So while working with OnSong and ForScore this past week it hit me how different each approaches navigation in your music. Not sure which is “right”. I’d like to see both apps be able to show portions of two pages as OnSong does when scrolling up and down. I’d like for both apps to have the ability to add hotspots as ForScore does to deal with repeats.

I do know that if you are working with Chord charts I’d choose OnSong in a heartbeat as it has the ability to transpose those charts with a simple and quick change of the key.

Anyways… here is the Video –


OnSong Icon

Music Video Creation On iPad/iPhone

Got creative with your music apps and now you want to share it with the world? How about putting it in YouTube as a music Video?

Enter Wizibil – the quick and fun way to create a video to go along with your music.

Make your music with Cubasis, Earhoof, iTuttle and MicroSoniq using Interapp Audio (which basically means open a. Lille of apps and starting playing around then hit the record button a few times!)

Then share that to AudioShare and then bump it that out to Wizibil. Select your theme, dump in some pictures and type your info in.

Export to YouTube and share with the world!

(Video coming soon – boy does it take awhile to export of Wizibil!)

Video Editing and Connection Speeds


Make sure you KNOW what speed your drives/hubs/card readers are!

Also – buy a REALLY BIG hard drive!


I have been shooting video and editing video for the past three weeks like a mad man! I went to band camp (not my own) as the videographer for two weeks. During that two weeks there was two of us shooting rehearsals, sectionals, performances and daily activities the kids did like high ropes, boating, archery and horse back riding to name a few.

Now that I am back home and editing all that video I have really started to realize how taxing Final Cut Pro is on storage space! It is a sweet app but the storage it requires is insane! Of course If I wasn’t trying to edit two weeks of video from two different video cameras, an iPad, my Nikon and my iPhone along with a GoPro then MAYBE it’d be easier!

Any ways…. this is just an observation.

I have been using my new MacBookPro with the TouchBar on it. I have the first one that came out, a 15 inch. It has really not been that big of a deal having just the USB-C ports on it. Until this video stuff!

Now I have two external 2TB hard drives hooked up – one for each week.


OK – so here is what I have learned….

USB-C really is remarkably faster! Of course when dealing with just normal day stuff it isn’t any big deal but when trying to transfer a 173GB Final Cut Pro library to another drive then you start to notice! When I went to transfer the library the first time the drive was hooked up to a USB hub which I knew was only USB2.0 – my MacBook told me – Ummm…. OK…. I will transfer this library but it’s going to take something like 3 hours. I said YIKES! Then I unplugged the drive from the hub and used one of those Apple adaptors from USB-c to USB normal to try the transfer. This turned out to be a much better situation! This time my MacBook was happy to do the transfer in 28 minutes!

When I dug down into the Apple system reporter and looked up the speeds here is what I found… The USB drives that are running at 2.0 and 3.0 speeds are capable of up to 480 Mb/Sec and then the drive I have that is actually running at USB 3.1 specs is capable of 5 Gb/Sec

AND THAT BOYS AND GIRLS is why I am more than happy I bought a new MacBookPro with the USB-c ports on it!


It is insanely fun to shoot video for concerts using five cameras and a handheld recorder for the audio and then dump it all into Final Cut Pro to use the multi-cam feature!

The problem is that you had better make sure the audio recorder is recording at 48khz – the same as the video! Not 44khz like it was the first time!

The second problem is you had better have a FAST external drive to do the Multicam editing!

The realization is that what there is no way we normal people could have hoped to have been able to accomplish sitting in our basements five years ago is now possible!


Yeah…. when you buy iPhones and iPads with the insanely large storage space available now a days… you end up with a TON of video and pictures on there that you are going to HAVE to back up someplace at some point in time! The internal drive on you laptop probably isn’t going to be the place that you want to do that to!

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 8.31.30 PM.png