Duet Display – Anyone Using this?

So I’ve been keeping an eye on the Duet Display app for awhile now.

It looks very interesting AND it is 50% off right now! But I have serious questions as to how useful this would actually be!

For a teacher – how do you use it?

For a musician – how are you using it to extend what is possible with a simple laptop?

For a graphics design person – does the Apple Pencil work well with it or do you NEED the Duet Display Pro?

Any ways… if you are using this I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments below….

Duet Display – $10 currently


St. Patricks Day Notion Sale

Well this is great news in deed! Even if you aren’t Irish!

PreSonus is giving you a 30% discount this weekend off of their stellar music notation app Notion as well as their DAW, StudioOne. PLUS you can even get 30% off a bundle of the two!

That means Notion is only going to cost you $105!


I have been very busy using this software combined with other music notation apps like PhotoScore in NotateMe and Sheet Music Scanner this past couple of weeks. We are doing a musical and there is no body around here that plays stringed instruments. Therefore I am putting those parts into Notion and then we will use the N-Tempo feature in Notion to have the Pit perform live with.

Not sure what that means? Well, someone taps along to the tempo and the string parts stay in sync with the live music! Plus you can even do vamps, jumping to a different section easily and all sorts of cool things that is just not possible in any other software.

Notion allows me to bring music into the software via computer keyboard and mouse input, via XML from the PhotoScore feature in NotateMe or Sheet Music Scanner, or via a MIDI keyboard input. Plus I can edit scores on my iPad while on the go and even make use of my Apple Pencil to quickly fix and add marking/notes that are easier because of using an Apple Pencil.

If you are looking for a new music notation app there is no better time than now to act!

Notion LargeNotion on iPad

Korg Module and KA Pro Symphonic Dreams Sounds

I’ve got like two seconds but I wanted to share that I think the new KA Pro Sound pack for Korg Module is just simply wonderful! If you need string and orchestra sounds then do yourself a favor – buy this while it is only $10 for the Strings Sound Pack!

Korg Module – only $20 right now because of the release of the sound packs.

Sound Cloud Examples:

iTunes12 – Playing Just One Song at a Time

So Apple in all it’s glorious wisdom constantly makes decisions based on what the company believes us end users need.

  • Some times that works out well for us.
  • Some times it backfires and blows up in Apples face – ummm, how many lawsuits is Apple currently facing for “slowing of older devices”? 12 I believe.
  • Sometimes it just drives long time users BONKERS

As is the case when I try to use iTunes to play the music for a show. I’ve done this for years and it has always been simple…

  • Create a Play list
  • Drop the tunes into said playlist
  • Make sure the little check boxes are all off

Then iTunes11 came out and hid the little check boxes! We found the solution last year. Apple apparently didn’t think we wanted to view our playlists as playlists any more. Thankfully Apple left the ability in iTunes to turn that WONDERFUL feature BACK ON – List the menus – VIEW/VIEW AS/PLAYLIST – as you can see in this screen shot…


iTunes Playlist view.png

Then this year iTunes12 was released. Remembering last years frantic frustration I went looking to make sure we could still play one song at a time. Good thing I did because once again Apple decided to hide my wonderful little check boxes! This time I had to go to PREFERENCES/GENERAL and make sure the option was on under List view Checkboxes as you can see in this screen shot…

View Check Boxes iTunes12.png

So now I can set my playlist to perform as I’ve done for years… If you look at the screen shot below you will see the first three songs have the check boxes marked so those three songs will play one after the other. The last three songs will not play until I select the song and hit the play button – after which the playlist will stop!

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 6.23.48 PM.png

The short version of this story is the same warning as ALWAYS!

NEVER NEVER NEVER update any software/hardware right before a performance if it is mission critical! You just never know what little thing, or big thing, is going to be different/missing that will mess you up!


Mussila Musical Monster Adventure – Notes/Rhythm is FREE

Well this is a nice distraction on my last day of vacation – Mussila Notes/Rhythm is free (normally $5)

and it’s a fun little game that introduces kids to some basics of music. Basics like what different instruments sound like, reading rhythms and playing piano while reading melodies.

This app is for sure aimed towards the younger children but it is fun for maybe even middle school kids? One thing that I like is that there is no IN App Purchases to be found.

The app starts with a map you have to progress through with the intro steps being identifying which instrument is playing.

As you get those answers correct you are moved on to the next levels which include identifying rhythms and playing piano melodies. When you have to play piano you are guided with colored keys.

The app even allows you to record your little mixes you create by selecting different instruments for the game characters to play.

This app was founded by a graduate from the Royal Academy of a Music in London so y9u know that there is some solid musical thinking behind the game. Plus it is free right now so go….

If you are so inclined there are several of their apps that are DJ based that are currently free as well.

Time to Decompress, Kick Back and Relax!

I hope your Christmas went well and you have a nice relaxing evening for New Years! I also hope you kick back and just enjoy a few minutes of YOU time without the pressures of having company, family and parties!

iTunes has some great movies on sale right now! Here are a few of MY favorite “Christmas” movies!

Die Hard – the entire 5 movie collection is only $20!

Daniel Craig Bond Collection – four movies for $40

Planet of the Apes Trilogy -Three of the newer Planet of the Apes Movies fro $25

Oceans Trilogy

Logan Lucky – from the makers of Oceans and a great movie.

Anyways…. there are a ton of good deals to be found on the iTunes Movie Store right now!

Luma Fusion is on its LAST day of being on sale! (Lowest price yet!)

Apple has given us iMovie for our iOS devices which is just a wonderful tool for us to create and share movies with but it is limited. Once you get the itch to start creating videos and want more then you will be on the search for an app that gives you more!

Luma Fusion Icon.pngLuma Fusion is that app…

Luma Fusion Audio TracksLuma Fusion has been prices $40, $30, $25 and lately $20 but currently it is at $17.99!

Used to be I’d suggest Pinnacle Studio but now those developers are the ones behind Luma Fusion – I sense a great story behind THAT but we are not going there!

Here is the description from their web site –

“LumaFusion is a powerful multi-track video editor used by mobile journalists, filmmakers and professional video producers to tell compelling video stories. If you are a professional or aspiring producer, journalist, or filmmaker, if you have a video story that’s begging to be told, if you want to use the latest technology for iOS; LumaFusion is the premiere professional video editing and effects app for you. If you’re not a “Pro” yet, our video tutorials, world-class free support, and incredible community of video enthusiasts and professionals on our forums will help you get there.”

Here is a their preview video: