AirDisplay3 on Sale

There are several options we have to use our iPads as an external display for our computers. None as outstanding as AirDisplay from Avatron though.

AirDisplay3 is currently $9.99 instead of $14.99

Why would you want to do this? Well consider using your favorite DAW…. Ummmm Logic maybe? I’ve NEVER been happy with the amount of screen space available even on an iMac let alone my 15″ MacBook Pro so now I can do this….

What about the thoughts of giving up that 15″ screen and picking up a MacBookAir or the new MacBook Pro 12″? Now with AirDisplay my multitasking compulsions can all be fulfilled. 

RP-1 Effects App – Add a new dimension of sound to your music apps.

I know I am late to the party here with this app…. I mean come on, it’s been out for a month and I’m just now getting around to talking about it. 

If you have an iPad and are a musician then you should be using some of the amazing music apps available to us. Of course the next step is to intertwine some effects apps through the use of audio-unit, audio-bus or Inter-App-Audio not to mention the chance to use Link to sync up tempos on your delays! How much fun is all that? If you are not quite sure all that means I’ll make it simple…. This app has as many options to connect as a Swiss Army knife has blades.

Of course the REAL reason to use effects apps if the amazing difference they can make in your final sound. 

Numerical Audio has brought us RP-1 which is a $5.99 app full of stereo delay goodness that sounds great! Take a listen to the SoundCloud demos at the bottom of this post and then you will understand my excitement. Just today I was running through a long list of sounds that just weren’t quite fitting what my mind was hearing until I cranked up RP-1 and put a couple of apps through its delays….. Instant gratification!

Calendars 5 is Apples Free App of the Week! Go get it NOW!

Calendars 5 goes up as Apples Free App of the Week! If you have an iOS device you NEED this app go get it NOW!
As a musician that teaches I spend an awful lot of time dealing with my calendar. Calendars 5 has helped me in the endeavor to tame that wild beast!

First of all I get to input events using natural language so typing in “meet Hunter next Wednesday for lunch at Jimmy Johns in Big Rapids” does exactly what you thing it would. 

Secondly I get to set something like five reminders all at once! This is HUGE as I tend to NOT forget things now!:)

Handwritten Music Notation on iPad Using Notion

Notion LargeIt always is fun to see the look on somebodies face when I show them the magical things you can do with an iPad and music. For instance, handwriting music notation! It also amazes me how many do not even know that this is possible so I made a little video for you. 

Handwriting music notation seemed like a pipe dream a few years ago. One company promised the possibility and that app never came out. Then we had NotateMe and NotateMe Now arrive from Neuratron. Wow…. We could music the old fashioned way but it would magically turn into digital music notation! Of course Neuratron one upped themselves and soon released PhotoScore which allowed us to take a picture of sheet music then turn THAT into digital music notation! I’ve written about this already and that post still continues to be one of the most visited posts on my blog – read it here.


Notion and its handwriting IAP is the reason I’m writing this blog post as well as sharing my little YouTube video with you. Notion realized this IAP a while back but now that I have an iPadPro 12.9″ and an Apple Pencil I wanted to share with you one more reason to invest in technology!

I’ll make this short and sweet…. The experience of the larger screen combined with the absolute joy of using the Pencil makes handwriting music notation something  that is fun, easy, effective and amazing. Watch the video if you have not seen this in action. The recognition is outstandingly accurate. I think this is about as fast as trying to use a MIDI keyboard now to enter notes. It just simply works.

The Notion app itself is $14.99 and the hand writing plugin is $7.99 for a grand total of about $23. A price every music teacher should not even hesitate at. 

One word about my little video…. I used Explain Everything to create the video, annotate it and narrate it. Then I dumped it into iMovie where I dumped in my own audio soundtrack that I created using Cubasis and a few iPad synths. So one question I am trying to resolve for myself as my laptop quickly approaches its end of life is whether or not I really need a laptop any more…..but that is another blog post for another night! 

Here’s the video…..

This by Tinrocket – Skitch Alternative

Skitch is an app that I use all the time both in my personal meandering a through life as well as in the work I do as a teacher. The problem is that Skitch has been discontinued by Evernote.  

  This by Tinrocket ($1.99) is a new alternative I’ve discovered tonight. It is an app made to do one thing and do it simply and easily. This allows you to ad pointers, labels, descriptions and commentary to your pictures.


iPad Pro 12.9″ Is AMAZING!

I finally saved enough pennies to purchase an iPad Pro. I should not even have to mention that the size I purchased is the big Pro, the 12.9″. As a musician, or at least as a music teacher, this purchase should be mandatory in my opinion.

I will write more and share more but here is my first published deep impact realization of how much of a game changer this size is…. Here is my iPad Air2 next to the iPad Pro displaying the same score but the Pro is actually displaying TWO pages of the score. You can see that the 12.9″ of display space allows for this TWO page display and it is almost the same size as one page on the iPad Air!

iPadPro vs iPadAir Size.jpg

Amazing Music Tech Performance!

  If you like some great music that is created using technology then this will make your week!

Perplexon is a musician from Denmark I belive, who is really digging into using technology to create music that is pretty amazing  in this video he is using these colored orbs that have wi remotes inside. I just about fell out of my chair when he grabbed that first orb and the sound that came out was a perfect example of awesomeness!

Go watch and go subscribe to his YouTube channel, Facebook, SoundCloud, BandCamp and whatever else he has available!


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