Amazing Music Apps for Only $0.99 Today Only

Yonac has quite a few excellent apps out for iOS and they are celebrating their 7 years of creating apps! All of these apps are only 99 cents but only for today!

Plus all their IAP’s are 70% off too!

MagellanMagellan (One of the better synth apps for iPad!)

MagellanMagellan Jr (One of the better synth apps for iPhone!)

AirVox SmallAirvox 



ToneStack SmallTonestack

Galileo OrganThe Galileo Organ

They even have a couple of apps for FREE!

Steel GuitarSteel Guitar

mini-synth Mini-SynthII

iOS9 Updates and the Music Teacher

I think I need to share a few reasons why you may want to update to iOS9 is you are a teacher.

First reason that made me want to write this post is the split screen apps.

I've been one of those people who really has not been begging for this feature but now that it is here I will use it sometimes on my iPadAir2 in class, during class and for my benefit!

Here is one way I will be using this. During marching season I have used my iPad since the first day it came out for sheet music and then later that fall for drill charts for marching band. The problem is that I keep having to flip back and forth between apps to see each or at the very least jump between PDF's inside of one app like ForScore. Now, on an iPadAir 2 I can keep two apps open at the same thing me allowing me to see a quick glimpse of both music and drill at the same time!

I do say quick because if y u are not real familiar with what is going on in either of these open documents it is going to be a bit hard to read. But by this time in my teaching I just only need a quick reminder of what is supposed to be going on out there on the field.

I WILL USE THIS!!!!!! This will really rock on the iPadPro! You do have to figure out which apps have been updated to fully use the split screen feature though. Below you can obviously see that ForScore and PDF Expert are both running.

Notion for iOS Half Price (Music notation right in your hand!)

Notion LargeNo, this blog post title does NOT refer to cheating on a test or writing your “notes” out your hand to refer to later!

Notion, at $7.99, is now 1/2 price until the end of October!

Notion is one of those apps that I have written about before and hopefully you are already aware of. It is a full fledged music notation app that is available for iOS devices and it is once again proof that iOS is for getting work done! Speaking of work – sorry for the lack of posts lately but school has started and we’ve been a bit busy with that! I will do my best to keep you posted of great opportunities like this though. I will also keep you posted of anything I find that works well for me as I start my school year!

Of course I say getting work done because in my line of work I do an awful lot of music notation. If you are NOT a music teacher then I can see where some of you would say that Notion is once again proof that iOS is a serious platform for being creative and having FUN!

I get asked all the time about which app on iPad is the best for creating music notation. The fact that Notion is available on Mac and Windows gives it the edge when we start taking about which apps are a great choice for working on our mobile devices! That is not to say that other apps like Symphony Pro are a bad choice because there some other great choices out there!


At this price…. well… things are clearly tipped WAY in the favor of Notion! Half price all the way until October 31! Now THIS is a deal! Even if you do have some of the other apps I would say this this is a great time to also grab Notion. At $7.99 this purchase is worth skipping a couple of days of pop or frappuccino! Even if you are just a musician that wants to “mess round with” music notation.

Plus PreSonus, the company that now owns Notion, has put together a great series of YouTube videos to help you out with learning this app. Check them out on this page…. (after you go buy the app!)

SynthMaster App Contest – Go Vote For Your Favorite Track (HELP ME WIN!)

SynthMaster Player LargeHave you voted for my song in this contest yet? It’d be awesome if you would! (ONLY TWO MORE DAYS TO VOTE!!!!!)

SynthMaster Player (Free Basic Set Of Sounds) is a great app with an amazing set of tonal choices! Of course you get quite a few sounds with the initial purchase and then even some more upon registration. Then there are always the IAP’s to build an even greater arsenal of choices. All of these pieces were composed for this contest by iPad musicians using basically just the SynthMaster App. You were allowed to use external drum apps and effects along with the recording process of your choice. I would dare say that most of the musicians here choose to use a DAW on their iPad along with either Inter-App-Audio or AudioBus to pump the sound from SynthMaster into their DAW.

Patterning Large IconAll of my drums for this tune were from the Patterning App – this app is SO much fun to sequence and create drum patterns on! Why in the world didn’t someone come up with an app like this before? I’ve already written about this app here

Anyways – You have to hit the “Like” button for the one you want to vote for (Hint…. scroll down to find my name )! You will have to have a SoundCloud Account I think to do this.

It’s pretty cool that music of this caliber can all be created with apps on our iPads!

Jam Maestro on a HUGE Sale!

Jam Maestro icon Large

Jam Maestro just received a nice update and it is also on a huge sale for $0.99! (It is usually like $9!)

Jam Maestro is a powerful music composition tool for musicians interested in making guitar-centric music. I would say that if you don’t “do” tabs then move on. But if you work with guitar, bass or drums and you are familiar with tabs then this could be the deal of the week for you! Check the video out at the bottom of this post to really get a feel for what this app can do. There are also a bunch of other apps at their website and YouTube channel.

Write, playback and refine music in tab format, which can be read and played in real life. Instantly share tab ideas with friends and bandmates via dropbox. Playback with highly realistic samples.
• 5 Instrument Types: Guitar, Bass, Drums, Midi, IAA.
• Inter-App Audio Host and Node support.
• Connect up to 4x Inter-App Audio Effects.
• Effects: Reverb, Delay, EQ, Chorus, Flanger etc.
• Full Midi In/Out compatibility
• Midi Sequencing
• Import/Export as midi file.
• Write tabs to PDF/Text file.
• Create your own Drum Kits.
• Audiobus 2.0 support, including State Saving.
• AudioCopy support.

JamMaestro Screen

Bandmate Chromatic Tuner – Developed by a music educator for music educators and students!

BandMate Icon LargeBandmate Chromatic Tuner – FREE (This should cost money)

Well this is a no -brainer app….

A Tuner that shows you the note and also displays it on a music staff! Then along the bottom you see how flat or sharp you are. You can also select which instrument you are working with at the top. When you do select a specific instrument the pitch’s are transposed for that instrument. You also select whether or not to show the notes as a flat or sharp note.

That’s it.

Bandmate Screen

Four Apps On Sale All Music Educators Should Have!

Well these are great back to school sales! Seriously, if you do not have these apps then this is the time to grab at least one of them! Start at the top and work your way down the list because I put them in order of most important!

PDF Expert5 Small IconPDF Expert is $4.99 (50% off) – This is THE app to use for all your school documents that are PDF’s or that should be PDF’s! Anything I am actively working on is in this app.

SampleTank icon smallSample Tank is $4.99 (75% off) – 100’s of Professional quality sounds at your fingertips as well as a groove workstation. Comes with 136 instruments and over 1,000 patterns to get you started. Expandable to over 600 instruments!

  • New In-App-Purchase Sonik Synth Mobile Edition
  • Select other IAP’s are also 50% off!

Capo Touch Small IconCapo Touch is also $4.99 (50% off) – This app helps you learn how to play whatever song it is that you are working on with chord intelligence, beat detection, slowing down the music, looping regions to learn, transpose the music,  and more!

Final Touch Small IconFinal Touch – Audio Mastering App – $4.99 (50% off too) – Record your rehearsals, performances and auditions and then run them through Final Touch to give them…. well…. that Final Touch!


Bias - Amps Small IconBIAS Amp – $4.99 (75% off!) – Amp Designer, Modeler and Processor giving guitar players access to an wonderful replicaitons of 36 of the most sought after vintage and modern amps in rock ‘n roll!


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