PreSonus Studio One 3 Prime for FREE! Don’t Think – GO!

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 11.25.32 PM
PreSonus has unleashed Studio One 3 Prime for a very nice price – FREE!!!

This is simply a paired down version of their full fledged recently released Studio One 3!

If you still are not sure what this is – StudioOne 3 is a digital audio workstation for your computer that just a few years ago would have cost upwards of $500 easy!

This is a DAW with which you could record multiple tracks of audio, record and edit your band or choir concerts with, or for that matter have each of your students download and use at home!

You get the ability to record multiple audio tracks, add FX, and even 1 virtual software instrument. You can edit your audio doing things like normalizing it, real-time audio-stretching, cut, copy and mangle it! You even get the ability to do multi-track comping! That means you can record multiple takes of a section  – say someone singing the lead vocal part 8 times – and then you pick the best spots form all 8 tracks to make one final track! You can record MIDI! There is even a basic guitar amp modeler in the Prime version!

Effects included in the Prime version are things like delay, chorus, flanger, compressor, expander, EQ, reverb and even distortion!

When mixing everything you even get mix automation!

One itsy bits thing you don’t get is the capability to use the new StudioOne iPad remote control app…. :(

But hey – its free and it sure beats what we used to get for free!

I did have issues with the activation of the program – they want you to go online and create an account to even download the app. Then when you open the app, which downloaded in no time flat, you will have to activate it with the code they gave you upon downloading. I think the only reason I had issues was because I had the previous version installed under a different user name (I have one for school and one for personal) Once I fixed that issue I was set to go. In fact they give you two ways to activate the software.

Take a look at this screen capture from a project I have recorded here – This is a serious piece of FREEEEEEE software!

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 11.09.57 PM

Want to find out the difference between the three versions of StudioOne 3? Read This

or watch the YouTube video at the end of this post BUT first I do have to say that there are a ton of short and quick videos on the StudioOne page demonstrating some of the features. PreSonus also has a very active YouTube channel where you can find even more videos! These guys are great user supporters! Here is the video explaining the differences between version….




MoneyWiz 2 On Sale! Perfect App for Teachers To Track Finances (Personal or School)

MoneyWiz 2MoneyWiz 2 is one of those apps that is very important to have in your arsenal of tools to help make your life easier.

MoneyWiz 2 is on sale today only for $0.99!


I still remember the speech my first principal gave me about my budget – “Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Don’t ask for more!”

MoneyWiz 2 helps me keep track of the money I spend in my band budget. It has everything available to you that you would need! I set up my Budget, create transactions, assign categories, run reports and keep it all in sync between my iPad, iPhone and Mac. If I had an Apple Watch I’d have it all on there as well!

MoneyWiz 2 is available at normal price for $4.99 on iOS and Android

MoneyWiz 2 is available on Mac OS X for $19.99

MoneyWiz 2 is available on Windows Desktop as well for $19.99

MoneyWiz will soon be released for the Apple Watch


MoneyWiz2 Screen

Notion for iPad Updated! Nice Improvements!

Notion LargeIf you are a music educator then you are going to need a music notation app, unless you for some reason like doing things the hard way.

If you are a music educator with an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch then you really should have either Notion or SymphonyPro on that device!

Today Notion got some very nice updates! Of course they would wait until RIGHT after I bought the saxophone In App Purchases to do what they SHOULD have done all along – Saxophones are now part of the initial purchase! Yea!

Things like being able to hide the keyboard/fretboard/mixer easier, being able to upload scores to iCloud, better DropBox integration, better design layout leading to easier sharing of my score through a variety of methods and a better layout of tools and menus. these are all going to be much appreciated!

Thanks to the Notion Team for listening to us users! If you do NOT own Notion this is going to blow your mind as to what can be accomplished on an iOS device! Go get it… in fact get the desktop version too as it’s only $99!

Notion Small IconNotion


What’s New in Version 2.0.129

New features
– Universal app – for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch BIG MOVE HERE!
– Redesigned interface – I THINK THE NEW DESIGN IS GOING TO HELP!
– Quick Access Palette for iPad
– Sounds menu, to manage which sounds are on device, and which are kept in the cloud. The initial app download contains piano – go to Sounds menu to then choose which sounds you want on the device.
– Sort scores by date or name
– Templates tab on launch screen
– Choose new standard staves from Score Setup
– Transposing chords
– Select Special>Chords, for cut/copy and paste
– New language – Sim. Chinese
– Alto, tenor and baritone saxophones, and glockenspiel now available as part of the initial bundle – THANK GOD! IT’S ABOUT TME! ALTHOUGH IF IT’S GONNA BE FREE DON’T MAKE ME HAVE TO ENTER AN EMAIL AND WAIT FOR A CODE!
– 14 new in-app purchase sounds available including ukulele and various brass and woodwind instruments
– New in-app purchase sound bundles available: Jazz Sounds Bundle, Guitar Bundle
– 64-bit support

– Write for all instruments, even if you haven’t purchased the sound – GOOD
– Instrument names show automatically on parts – WHY WOULDN’T THEY!?
– Enhanced font selection and page text editing
– New workflow for setting up a new score – ALWAYS LOOKING FOR BETTER WAYS TO DO THINGS!
– New page layout controls
– Onscreen keyboard jumps to relative range of selected instrument
– Can start downloads/in-app purchases from part details view in score setup
– Press and hold to rename/duplicate scores on home screen.
– Better initial zoom when loading a score.
– New SATB template file
– Press and hold to rename/duplicate scores on home screen.
– Add chord summary score option.
– When sounds have finished downloading in the background, they will automatically become available in the score you are working on
– Default file name added during setup

– Enharmonic tool moved into Accidentals Palette – NICE
– Scores shared with Notion desktop now retain jazz font
– Playback marker now continues during playback in Continuous View
– If Scroll with Entry is off, don’t scroll the score when pressing the next and previous arrows (previously called ‘Auto-Scroll’)
– Add Long Drum and Whistling to the percussion bundle.
– Add some missing or incorrect instrument images.
– Correct some errors in the demo files
– Add in vocal ranges when writing for voice
– Fix not scrolling properly in continuous view during playback when zoomed out

Apollo MIDI over Bluetooth App Free for a Couple of Days!

Now this is a great time to experience the capability of MIDI over bluetooth! Secret Base Design is going to be making their wonderful Apollo MIDIApollo MIDI Bluetooth app free for a few days!

From the App Page:

“With Apollo, MIDI can be sent over Bluetooth LE wireless connections, eliminating hardware adapters, and providing much lower latency than is possible with WiFi. Apollo uses Bluetooth LE: this is supported by the iPad3 and newer, the iPad Mini, the iPhone 4s and newer, and recent Mac desktop and laptop computers.

Does Bluetooth LE make a difference? Just take a look at the comments from iOS news sites and users from around the world —
“You’ll be amazed at how much more responsive everything feels” — Tim Webb/

“Straightforward and remarkably trouble free” — John Walden/”

Playground – Now THIS is an Exciting Musical Instrument! (New iPad App)

PlayGround ScreenPlayground is a new app that actually is still in beta. You really must go watch the YouTube video’s (Yes, there are four, watch them all!)

This is the type of app that I’ve been talking about. An app that totally changes how we create. An app that uses touch technology to re-invent music creation, exploration and playgrounds! This does not try to emulate real life. It does not try to emulate a real wind instrument or even a keyboard. It is new, it is exciting and it opens new doors! IT opens new doors to ALL levels of musicians, beginners, amateurs, professionals and even those who just want to play around in a musical playground!

You can sign up to beta test the app if you so wish, if you are into that sort of thing. Here is the website –

Just beware that beta testing means you are playing with an app that is NOT finished and will probably have problems – now, the problems usually are not the kind where your iPad is going to all of a sudden go up in a ball of flames BUT it is not a finished app. Developers don’t release betas though unless their app is pretty solid.

minim by Livid Instruments Coming Soon to KickStarter!


We have had a slew of new musical making opportunities over the past five year what with the introduction of iPad and other new controllers like the QuNeo.

July 29, 2015 another new device is showing up and Ask Audio has the introductory scoop on it.

Here is what I saw that catches my eye – 1)It’s wireless (Thank you!) Now, let’s just hope that means bluetooth 4! 2)The price for the kickstarter looks like it may well be under $100 which puts this well into the affordable category! 3)Now, if this is bluetooth 4 that may also mean multiple controllers could control the same device!

Take a minute…

Think about it…

Is it becoming clear what this could do to help out making electronic music in the classroom?

We will have to see on the 29th! Now, if only we could get some of these and incorporate them into our electronic music ensemble here at my school!

Music Making Apps Sale this Weekend!

If you have NOT heard, the AudioBus developers have released a new app (AudioBus Remote) that works in conjunction with their first app (AudioBus) In celebration they have put AudioBus on sale for $0.99! This is THE app you should all own if you are a musician! IF you don’t this is THE sale to grab it on! This app allows us musicians to get multiple apps working together to create music on our iOS devices! One of my essential apps for musicians! Their new app, AudioBus Remote is going to be a wonderful app for those of us that are lucky enough to have more than one iOS device to use in our music making explorations.

AudioBusAudioBus – $0.99 (Down from $4.99)

AudioBus RemoteAudioBus Remote – $4.99 (Not on sale)

Another great music app is Tin Pan Rhythm. This app falls into the category of music exploration and apps that sound amazing! It allows you to explore chord progressions and patterns on the fly – all the while giving you the ability to change the bands patterns that are being played! If you ever work with your students on chord progressions in class this app is one to grab even at it’s normal price of $2.99 BUT now that it is $0.99 it’s a no-brainer!

Tin Pan RhythmTin Pan Rhythm – $0.99 (down from $2.99)

Cotracks Small iconCotracks ($2.99) is one of those apps that Music teachers with a limited number of iPads in their rooms should take a serious look at as it allows for four players (kids) to create music together on one iPad. This is one of those seriously fun apps to play with!

Another added benefit from the release of AudioBus Remote is that there are a ton of other music apps on sale currently to celebrate the new app. This would be an awesome time to grab a couple of these as they really are quite discounted! Plus these developers have already built in support for the new AudioBus Remote app. Support these developers as they are also passionate about music creation and giving us teachers/performers/amateurs/wanna-bees better and better tools to enjoy as we let our imaginations go wild with musical genius pouring out…..

SectorSector – $4.99 (Wild music creation from manipulations of samples)

SoundPrism ElectroSoundPrism Electro – $1.99 (Great Music making app that even my elementary school kids loved!)

SoundPrism ElectroSoundPrism Electro Mini $0.99 (Ditto)

Echo Pad - HoldernessEcho Pad – Multi Effects Processor – $2.99

Crystalline - HoldernessCrystalline – Shimmer Reverb Effects – $2.99

Crystalline - HoldernessCrystaline Mini $1.99

Caramel - Holderness MediaCaramel – Crunch and Crush Effects – $2.99

Caramel - Holderness MediaCaramel Mini – $1.99

Johnny TremoloJohnny – Multiwave Tremolo Effects Processor – $2.99

Johnny TremoloJohnny Mini – $1.99

Swoopster Holderness MediaSwoopster Fuzz Flanger Effects Processor- $2.99

Swoopster Holderness MediaSwoopster Mini – $1.99

Stereo Designer Mini - Holderness MediaStereo Designer from Holderness – $2.99

Stereo Designer Mini - Holderness MediaStereo Designer Mini – $1.99


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