Music Apps for Music Educators

THESE ARE MUSIC APPS for the Music Educator to teach better

(These are the apps that get put on my iPad right away when I wipe it clean and start fresh or get a new one.)

Assessment Apps

  • NinGenius Music – School Edition
  • iDoceo
  • Google Classroom
  • SeeSaw

Tuners and Metronomes

  • Tonal Energy
  • BandMate
  • Tempo
  • Tempo+

Digital Audio Workstation

  • GarageBand
  • Cubasis
  • Ferrite
  • MultiTrack DAW
  • Hokusai

Sheet Music Apps

  • ForScore
  • unrealBook
  • Newzik
  • PiaScore for student devices

Music Theory Apps

  • Tonaly – Circle of 5ths and Scales
  • Music Tool LE
  • Scales & Modes the Quiz
  • Suggestor – Chord progression & Musical Scale Reference

41 thoughts on “Music Apps for Music Educators

  1. I’m looking for a way to record live low res video with my iPad 4 so I can post it on my elementary music class website. This is for parents to get a glimpse of what the kids are learning in music class. At the moment, almost everything I try to post gets rejected as too large a file for the website. Can you suggest something? Thanks!

      1. The website I’m required to use is hosted by my school district:
        I’ve had success posting a couple of videos, but most give me an error message saying the file is too large for the website. The other videos I’m trying to post are only a minute or two long, and I’m using the “camera” app on the iPad 4 to record them. I’ve tried to compress them on my Mac with Quicktime and they will upload, but will not play back.

        Any suggestions are welcomed!

      2. It would be easy if I were allowed to use another host site such as YouTube and just embed a link to that, but I can only post student videos directly on

        Here are the restrictions from Edublogs:
        •Allowed file formats on Edublogs Include: jpg jpeg png gif doc pdf mp3 ppt wmv mp4 xls ins isf te xbk notebook m4a ist kmz kes mov flp avi swf wxr xml wav fjsw docx pptx xlsx xml m4v max kmz zip
        •The file is not larger than 32 MB

      3. I’m looking for a low res video app so I can record my students and put their work directly on the website. The recordings I make using the “camera” app on the iPad 4 seem to almost all be larger than the 32 MB max for the Edublogs website.

  2. I’d appreciate any suggestion you have for a low res video app. My “vision” was to record the kids with the iPad and immediately post the video to the music class website with just a few clicks and swipes. Then, I would print a QR code linked to the video and post it outside the music room door so any parent walking down the hall could see and hear “work samples” from the music classes (referenced to the local, state and/or national standards). Sounds easy, right?

  3. So I just tried creating a video using the camera app then edited it in iMovie and exported it as lowres(320p) to my camera roll. Then unused the edublogs app and am uploading it right now to my edublogs site. Seems to be working. It’s only about 1:45 long but it worked. Of course you would have to do the QR part next

    1. Thanks for the suggestion! I’m just learning how to use this technology–I’ll have to practice editing in iMovie and exporting as lowres (320p) tomorrow morning! I didn’t even think of looking for an Edublogs app! Thanks again!

      1. Actually there’s an issue though – when using the Edublogs app it let me choose and upload video from my camera roll on my iPad but it would not create the actual blog post – there’s some issue with the iPad not supporting the video tag…. SO I had to go to the laptop, edit the blog post and then insert the video – which appears in my media library (because the iPad uploaded to the Edublog servers)


        An even easier method might be that in the Edublogs app you can record video right inside that app itself! Good luck

  4. Thanks for your suggestions! I’ve tried a couple and the absolute easiest is to record in the Edublogs app! Some browsers don’t support playback of video taken within the app, but the latest versions of Chrome and Explorer do (at least they work most of the time!), so I’m going with that approach. You are a hero to me and my students! Thanks again!

  5. Hi! I am looking for a way to get Scorch to work on my WordPress blog site. The scorch files are on the server and I link the html file into a post on WordPress. I also installed the scorch plugin, but still this doesn’t seem to work. Any suggestion what to do? My intention is to have a blog post weekly, showing a music arrangement I made that can also be listened to.

    1. Hi André,

      If I am on my computer writing a blog post I can usually get an external link to become embedded in my blog post by tapping the text mode option instead of being in the default visual mode for writing a post. The only thing is that being on a Box account I’m not so sure those scorch web pages will be visible to others as a web page. I know DropBox and Site44 allow serving webpages off from a DropBox account but am not aware of an option like that for Box.

      I can send you a picture if you can not figure out the text vs visual option. That is how i get my YouTube videos embedded.

      1. Hi Paul. Thanks for the suggestion. I can’t get the blog to work and it’s very frustrated. My idea was to have a single page for every blog that shows a screenshot of the score (which is easy to do) and somehow, a way to listen to the score. I tried it now by uploading the audio on Soundcloud and embedding it in a Text widget in WordPress. This works, however that widget is showing on every page instead of only on the blog it belongs to.

      2. After taking a look at you site I have to say that is impressive! I can see where what you are wanting to do would be an awesome addition! I have used scorch files and webpages before but it has never been as a part of a wordpress site. It has always been my own site hosted on a web server someplace. I know I have to export the webpage out of Sibelius, then upload that to my website. Worked well there.

      1. André – I think that what you want to do is beyond the scope of a simple WordPress Blog like I have – one that is free and hosted at WordPress. I think that in order to post webpages containing Scorch files you will have to pay for a web site hosting option someplace. The other option is to make your files available as PDF’s. You could upload a YouTube video of the file playing on your device and then embed that into your wordpress site too.

    1. That would be your avatar from SoundCloud – OR maybe it’s the artwork for that particular upload. Actually I think it is the later… simply go to SoundCloud and upload different artwork for that track!

  6. I wonder if you could further enhance those recordings by running them through an iPad app like Audio Mastering?

  7. Yes, It’s a lot of work. But also the work in Sibelius takes weeks before I finish a single piece. Only loading up the east west library doesn’t work, you need to choose the best articulation patches one by one and create the dynamic changes for every instrument separately. Especially the string section needs a lot of attention because of this. I wish there was a faster way, but this is how these things work.

  8. Hi! Maybe, Stave’n’Tabs can be added to Music Notation Apps group. It is free iOS (both iPhone and iPad) notation and tablature editor (with some in-app purchases). The app works with MIDI and MusicXML files. Also it detects the scale for the composition and/or automatically adjusts notes to the scale. Hope, you will find it usefull.

  9. “Music Notes Go” would nicely belong to Music Notation Apps group too. As a piano teacher I wanted to find a better way to improve note-reading skills for beginners so I developed this app in the form of a game with 9 levels ( – $0.99 USD on the App Store). Teachers like this app because they have ample time to discuss and teach note-reading (before the timer kicks in) in both treble and bass clefs. Students like this app because they have the freedom to drag the notes around as they practice what the teachers have taught.

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