New iOS Multi-Band Compressor and 7 Band Parametric EQ Apps!

Pressit LargeWell, now… this has certainly been a hot day! And I’m not just talking about the sweat dripping off my bald head all day during Professional Development Staff Training!

Klevgrand produktions has released another compressor app – this time around it is a multi-band compressor app called Pressit LargePressIt for $4.99 ($3 off full price currently)

From his website:

“PressIt is a very sophisticated dynamic tool, best used as a master plugin, or to tighten up bus masters. It works really well on drums, but also background vocals or other stems that need to be tamed will fit well.

Pressit ScreenPressIt consists of three compressors who work independently of each other. They are fed with the low, mid & high frequency band of the incoming audio signal. The compressor units consist of our unique algorithm from Korvpressor, developed together with engineers from KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) in Stockholm. They gently shape the three signals (with full control), and then sums it back into a nice unity. Before the audio leaves the plugin, there’s an optional brick-wall limiter to prevent digital distortion.”

PressIt is a great example of what a bargain we get when working with our iPads to record and manipulate audio. PressIt is also offered as an Audio Unit or VST/VST3 both of which work your desktop/laptop with the DAW’s available there. The price for that though? $29.99 and that is 40% off!

We get to do much of the same quality work and recording and mastering that it used to take expensive professional equipment to accomplish!

More good news… there was also 7 band parametric EQ released this week as well! The app is Remaster Large IconRemaster – AudioBus and AudioCopy it costs a grand total of $2.99. Audioforge Labs is the developer that released the app.

Remaster ScreenFrom the iTunes page….

“Polish your music, fix it in the mix. 7 band equalizer and compressor for Audiobus (incl. state saving in AB2). Normalize. Render to file. Audiocopy and paste 3.0. ‘Open in’ both import and export as stand-alone.

Remaster sports the only 7 band parametric equalizer for Audiobus. It is fully multitouch enabled.

Remaster is a tool to rework your songs, loops and recordings. Currently a seven band equalizer can be employed, including a toggle to normalize the sound or not. The latest addition to our effects line is a compressor inspired from our Compressor app. The feature set will grow over time.

The equalizer is a seven band parametric equalizer with full visual as well as text entry control for all three parameters: gain, center frequency and q.”


Man! I love this stuff! You owe it to your self and your students and your parents to grab apps like these when they are released so that your recordings this school can be the best possible recordings you can produce! These recordings are what sell your program and if they sound like they came straight off an iPhone speaker it does not speak well to the quality of your program and students hard work!

These apps like this are easy to use and with just a few taps but minimal knowledge you will make people smile!


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