Teaching and Grading In Todays World

SeeSawme Screen

Man, I don’t know about you but I would REALLY like a gradebook that could keep pace with what we are doing and being required to do in music class!

The old fashioned letter grade/percentage/or numeric value just doesn’t tell you much does it?

We teach music – We want our kids to visually and audibly hear their progress in an online portfolio that they can update all year long. We want to be able to give them feedback in the way of written comments, our voices recorded and being able to annotate on what ever it is that they have turned in. (and by the way, we don’t want all that multimedia stored on our own teacher iPad/laptop.)

Fresh Grade Screenoh…. then there is the principal and state people breathing down our necks… THEY want to know that what we are doing in class aligns with the state curriculum. They want those nifty reports that show them all the standards, strands, and objectives that we covered as well as how well the student mastered them!

and then…. there are the parents that need to be able to see all this information as well! They need to be active in their kids learning! They need to be able to take pride in what their child produces. They need to be able to make comments to their child about how much they enjoy hearing/seeing what they are producing in class. The parents also need to be able to have an open dialogue with us, the teacher, as well!

my wish list is not done yet though…. As for our students being “Digital Natives” – I call hog wash! Sure, they can access FaceBook and Twitter, they can upload pictures to Instagram and even use YouTube to learn how to play a new song on the piano. BUT they sure can’t remember user names and passwords. They sure can’t remember how to sign into their class account if it is a long drawn out process – and yes, typing in a code from the teacher and then creating an account that uses their school email (that they hardly ever use) and school password  – – – all of that is long and drawn out!

Oh my! SOMEONE HAS TO HAVE AN ANSWER! If you are really happy with your online portfolio/gradebook let me know by leaving a comment below please! I would love to review it and write about it here too!

I’ve looked at Google Classroom (where do I tie in the state curriculum requirements?), Showbie (where do I tie in the state curriculum requirements?), Fresh Grade (Confusing but shows promise) and SeeSaw.me (Kids can sign in super duper easy with this service but where do I tie in the state curriculum requirements?)

Google Classroom Screen


4 thoughts on “Teaching and Grading In Todays World

  1. I use idoceo and I LOVE it! Its is an incredibly powerful app for iPad. A grade book, seating chart, resource keeper, planbook, with the ability to send out emails to parents. Unfortunately, as of yet, it is only iPad based and not web based.

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