reSonare Recording Studio Goes Free (grab it!)

reSonare Recording Studio – Great Price Currently. (Made for iPhone so if you are searching the App Store on your iPad you will have to look for iPhone apps)

If you are a music teacher that uses you iOS device to record your students then this app could be very helpful! Our iOS devices are always with us and they actually do a pretty decent job of grabbing a recording without any additional equipment. reSonare steps in to help in the processing of that recording in an effort to make those recordings even better! The problem with our iOS device is that the mic is mono and not always EQ'ing the recordings for the specific instrument you may be recording.

When you start recording you must set up your session. Each session allows you to hold multiple takes so that you can later select the best version.

reSonare gives you options to master the recordings after the fact. You record then edit it. Take a look at all the presets already set for you! It's always nice when other people do your work for you, especially when they are better than you are! One of the benefits of this app is that you can quickly adjust the start and end of the recording. Then you select the instrument you are recording and reSonare apples some EQ and effects. The resulting recording should sound better than the original.





Of course what good are your recordings if you can not share them? reSonare gives you several options for file types when you go to share…. Wav, MP3 and M4a. You then can upload to DropBox, SoundCloud, AudioCopy and even a WiFi sharing option!









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