Dorico Version 4 now available!

Over across The Big Pond, in a brightly lit room there is a group of genius musicians who are also crazy good at creating computer code! The amazing minds behind Dorico have taken a whole slew of suggestions from all the fine folks who actually use Dorico and baked us up an amazing Version 4!

This is notation supercharged and full of ways that will make our work faster and easier. Version 4 is the first version to also make use of the licensing mode!

Polyphonic MIDI Transcription Improvements

I am especially interested to dig into the new Key Editor along with The Smart MIDI Import and Polyphonic MIDI Transcription. New options and capabilities here should make life so much easier for those of us who can play parts out faster than we can click/type in notes on a staff! While recording from a MIDI keyboard Dorico 4 now automatically separates the music played into separate voices and even now has a floating split point for piano parts. This will produce a much cleaner transcription than ever before. With melodies, bass lines and inner textures automatically captured, completion is only a few steps away as soon as recording is over.

The new insert options allows users to easily change rhythms, insert or remove music from the middle of a flow, while retaining all subsequent music. 4 different modes of the insert tool give new flexibility, the kind that makes a persons head spin around in circles. New options for Melodic or Rhythmic transformation of our music now exist making inverting, rotating, and reversing those notes one simple mouse click! Plus with the super powered Jump Bar option you can even do that sort of thing with the simple typing of a few key strokes!

Speaking of the Jump Bar – this has got the be one of the best ideas as it allows for quick access to all of Dorico’s commands from the computer keyboard, and to navigate anywhere in the project in just a few keystrokes.

Instrument filters allow for quickly selecting a specific group of instruments in your score to work on at any given time while hiding everything else! Have a full band score but really only want to see the French Horns and Alto Sax? Easy – create a filter!

On Screen Keyboard

Now Dorico has support for guitar capo’s and On-screen keyboard, fretboard, and drum pads. New improvements in play-mode and the mixer all enhance the ease with which we can quickly get notation created as well as getting the perfect playback of that music so we don’t cringe at the sounds as we listen to it all! There is even SuperVision which is a fully customizable, multi-meter audio analyzer plug-in, now included with Dorico 4, for creating a supremely accurate visual picture of one’s sound.

Pricing and Availability

Dorico is available from local resellers and through the Dorico Website. The suggested retail price for Dorico Pro 4 is $579.99. Students and teachers can purchase Dorico Pro 4 at the discounted suggested retail price of $359.99. Users of Finale and Sibelius can buy a Dorico Pro 4 crossgrade at the special suggested retail price of $299.99, and a further educational discount is available for students and teachers, allowing them to buy Dorico Pro 4 for just $179.99.

The suggested retail price for Dorico Elements 4 is $99.99, and qualifying students and teachers can buy Dorico Elements 4 for just $66.99.

Dorico SE 4 is available for free and can be downloaded from the Steinberg website starting from today.

Dorico for iPad is available to download now for free from the App Store. Additional functionality can be unlocked by purchasing an in-app subscription for $3.99 per month or $39.99 per year.

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