Dorico 4 – The Jump Bar

I’ve got SO many thoughts and things to write about in relation to the Version 4 update of Dorico! This version is helping me to get some of my music that has been rattling around in my brain out onto a readable piece of Sheet Music! I mean it’s fairly easy for me to just sit at my keyboard and improv through some fun little ideas that could easily get turned into a full fledged piece of music. The problem I have is that I don’t play well by ear and I don’t remember very well what I just played!

With the improved Smart MIDI Import and Polyphonic MIDI Transcription options now available though I can create a MIDI file of my improv sessions and Dorico now gives me sheet music that is more easily decipherable. But there is always editing to be done…..

So here is my first of a few posts with some quick thoughts about improvements in Dorico 4 –


The new Jump Bar is like the Terminator version of keyboard shortcuts – I mean seriously, the Jump Bar is going to destroy and mangle peoples workflow because it is so stinking amazing! People WILL be learning a new workflow because of the Jump Bar.

My workflow has ALWAYS been to use and memorize Keyboard Shortcuts. Smart people know that you seriously need to STOP mousing around and keep your hands on the keyboard amap (As Much As Possible)! Another vital part of my workflow, in a well written app, is to use the Help in the menus up top when I don’t quite remember where something is!

Well now… I’ve got BOTH features and a whole lot more power at the push of THE LETTER “J” – This is starting to sound like Sesame Street here. But seriously the Jump Bar makes things so easy even Big Bird could do this!

For instance as I was testing out the new Smart MIDI import and Polyphonic MIDI Transcription I found there are still things to clean up but I started seeing some patterns. So I went to the preferences (Cmd + , )  and went to the Key Commands – Jump Bar Alias section. There I set up several alias’s. I set one for Extend To Next Note as well as for Switching Voices to voice 1 and then to voice 2.

Now as I edit I can get at those editing features WAY faster than ever before!

Using the Jump Bar actually gives you access to EVERYONE of Dorico’s commands. Simply type J followed by a few letters of what you want and it will appear. Then hit return and boom! It’s done! This will help save us all some time! Enough time we can maybe go watch Cookie Monster and Big Bird….. wait…. I digress… sorry.

Jump Bar Alias Setting

Another handy feature of the Jump Bar is being able to use the second option – the Go To. Simply type Ctrl + 1 or 2 to switch between the two options if you are on a Mac. This then allows you to quickly Jump To a specific Bar, Rehearsal Mark or Page. So for instance if you type B20 and hit return you will end up at Bar 20. Type R1 and you will end up at Rehearsal Marking 1 and so on……

OK – My Nutter Butters await me. I must get back to work – more to come soon!


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