Creating Music on iPad

After listening to several episodes of Watch The Sound with Mark Ronson it hit me once again tonight why I love making music with iPad…

If you have any interest in music tech and music creation then you should go watch this Apple TV+ creation. I will warn you though that there is some language as you could imagine when dealing with modern music and the artists/creators that go with it.

Watch The Music

My thoughts are, once again, that I love making music with my iPad because I am simply exploring sound with a minimum of exterior distractions! I like getting lost in the sounds that are possible…. I like exploring the sounds, the apps, the effects and I am just getting lost in that sound. I also am not worried about what anyone else cares about that music…. I like it therefore I create. I also share that music frequently with no cares if many people really ever listens to it. If I can make music that I myself can listen to over and over that takes me someplace and allows me to once again just experience sound…. Then I’m happy!

Listening to Mark discuss creation and the way different artists work it resonates with me. It is refreshing to know that others “get lost” in the sounds and love taking existing sounds to create, twist, mash into new pieces. It is the sounds that we have grown up with, are surrounded with and experience every day that shape the music we create. It we get to use technology that has never been available before to extend what others before us could not do.

Play, explore, share. It was cool watching Mark explore and create with other artists. It was fun listening about the DJ’s in the park in The Bronx.

Why can’t we teach our student to share more? They are so scared of making mistakes. They are so worried of what others will think. need to just play in the sandbox and get excited about what they are finding and creating there!

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