Dorico for iPad UPDATED TODAY!

Well this is welcome news and clarifying as well!

Dorico for iPad already gets it’s first public update today and it brings swift reaction to feedback directly gathered from its users – you!

The big news is that there is no longer a 12 player limit! This is very welcome news to us who are directors, arrangers and composer for larger ensembles! Even with just a middle school band arrangement we were hitting a wall with the 12 player limit and now that will not be a barrier! There are also many other enhancements – things like being able to Re-Quantize, improvements to how Audio Units are displayed, and increased size for percussion pads when using that input method. Go read below – but first… go hit the update button!

Daniel Spreadbury has a nice write up about all of the details and includes some marvelous insight as to what the team is thinking and how they are reacting upon hearing the invaluable feedback we all send to them! The team is listening, they are busy tweaking and adjusting, they are busy re-writing and already are busy with the next set of enhancements for Dorico – on iPad and Desktop!

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