Notion Just Got HandWriting!

Notion LargeAnyone who wants to create music notation on your iPad is aware of Notion from PreSonus. (I hope anyways!)

Tonight Notion, a $14.99 app, just got a huge update that seriously ups the possibility of what is possible with this app.

Notion now does HANDWRITING! This is a $7.99 In-App-Purchase and is powered by MyScript.

The IAP is a bit hidden. You have to go into a new score and tap on the gear icon at the bottom of the screen. There you will find the Handwriting Info.

From Skitch

Not much info is available at the moment as this just came through tonight and I’ve not seen any videos either but here is a screen shot of the info built into the app itself….. Maybe when I get paid Friday I will buy this and try it out! IF you try it let me know how it goes!



13 thoughts on “Notion Just Got HandWriting!

  1. Purchased and tried. There is a slight learning curve BUT I prefer it over Notate Me!
    Cant wait to try it out with the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil!!!

      1. Thanks for the answer. Triplets are not listed in the “Supported handrwitting score elements” above, so It seems the above list isn’t complete.
        By alterations I mean adding sharps, flats, naturals, double sharps or double flats to notes, altering altering their pitch.

      1. I found it relatively easy to do triplets but I found you have to do it while it is still handwriting. I wrote the number with brackets “—-3—” and it turned in to a triplet. I tried septuplets and others and it was a little quirky but seemed to work.

  2. There are still a few kinks to work out, but it was definitely worth the IAP price. I’m honestly surprised they didn’t charge more for it. I love it, and am excited to share it with my students!

    1. The possibilities just keep growing with the tools we have at our fingertips!
      This one is magical even in the eyes of the kids! They were pretty captivated when I started using it in class! Let me know how it goes!

  3. I’m a little wondering about this positive feedbacks. Cause I tested it for a few hours and laid it back to the store. So many mistakes, the corrections does what it want and not what I want, for me it only looks like a cheap plaything. I want a tool where I can work in good flow, this would be further on a pencil with real Paper or a desktop notation-Program.
    Dear people of Presonus, say us, that there will come a professional update which really good works.

  4. Just bought this IAP as I have the apple pencil,and iPad pro. Initial thought is that I’m quite excited by the possibilities, although I’ve only played around for about 10 minutes on it. Until Staffpad is made available for IOS this looks like the only way to write scores, along with NotateMe.

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