Session Band Apps and SynthMaster On Sale! Such Great Music Ed Apps!

SynthMaster Player LargeSynthMaster Player for iPad is one of those rare apps that gives us a ton of quality apps for free! You get 100 sounds free right away then another 100 sounds free when you simply register the app with your email. Currently the Factory Presets In-App-Purchase only costs you $4.99 (50% I believe) which will give you a total of 800 presets! There are other IAP’s that you can purchase as well and these are also on sale right now too for $2.99 -$4.99 for most of them!

Session_Band_OriginalSession Band Apps give you amazing loops created by real live, top session players! The apps let you quickly create backing tracks based on typing in the chord structure and then hitting the play button!

There are quite a few different Session Band Apps that cover a variety of styles/instruments. All the apps are $2 – pocket change! If you are a music teacher and have not tried these apps yet you need to! So many uses can be found in the music classroom – like how about meeting those National Music Standards of Improv and Composition? How about creating a backing track to play along with your warmups? How about creating an accompaniment for your next choir concert or instrumental ensemble that is missing a few instruments?

Session_Band_OriginalSession Band for iPad

Session_Band_JazzSession Band Jazz – Volume 1

Session Band Jazz 2Session Band Jazz- Volume 2

Session Band Jazz 3Session Band Jazz – Volume 3

Session Band Blues 1Session Band Blues – Volume 1

Session_Band_AcousticSession Band Acoustic – Volume 1

Session_Band_PianoSession Band Piano – Volume 1

Session Band RockSession Band Rock  – Volume 1

Session Band EDMSession Band EDM – Volume 1

Session Band CountrySession Band Country – Volume 1


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