iOS9 Updates and the Music Teacher

I think I need to share a few reasons why you may want to update to iOS9 is you are a teacher.

First reason that made me want to write this post is the split screen apps.

I've been one of those people who really has not been begging for this feature but now that it is here I will use it sometimes on my iPadAir2 in class, during class and for my benefit!

Here is one way I will be using this. During marching season I have used my iPad since the first day it came out for sheet music and then later that fall for drill charts for marching band. The problem is that I keep having to flip back and forth between apps to see each or at the very least jump between PDF's inside of one app like ForScore. Now, on an iPadAir 2 I can keep two apps open at the same thing me allowing me to see a quick glimpse of both music and drill at the same time!

I do say quick because if y u are not real familiar with what is going on in either of these open documents it is going to be a bit hard to read. But by this time in my teaching I just only need a quick reminder of what is supposed to be going on out there on the field.

I WILL USE THIS!!!!!! This will really rock on the iPadPro! You do have to figure out which apps have been updated to fully use the split screen feature though. Below you can obviously see that ForScore and PDF Expert are both running.

3 thoughts on “iOS9 Updates and the Music Teacher

  1. I am elated with the multitasking and can’t wait for the iPad pro. I am also chomping at the bit for all of my apps to update with the multitasking feature. 🙂
    Have you had a change to play with the new third party haptic feedback metronomes for Apple Watch?

      1. I have the watch and I have been playing with the apps. They are not as intuitive as the native iPhone versions. I am not sure how I will use them in the long run but I do play with them when I have the opportunity.
        I think for a student the haptic feedback would be incredible but in the classroom, I am not sure yet. 🙂

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