Notion for iOS Half Price (Music notation right in your hand!)

Notion LargeNo, this blog post title does NOT refer to cheating on a test or writing your “notes” out your hand to refer to later!

Notion, at $7.99, is now 1/2 price until the end of October!

Notion is one of those apps that I have written about before and hopefully you are already aware of. It is a full fledged music notation app that is available for iOS devices and it is once again proof that iOS is for getting work done! Speaking of work – sorry for the lack of posts lately but school has started and we’ve been a bit busy with that! I will do my best to keep you posted of great opportunities like this though. I will also keep you posted of anything I find that works well for me as I start my school year!

Of course I say getting work done because in my line of work I do an awful lot of music notation. If you are NOT a music teacher then I can see where some of you would say that Notion is once again proof that iOS is a serious platform for being creative and having FUN!

I get asked all the time about which app on iPad is the best for creating music notation. The fact that Notion is available on Mac and Windows gives it the edge when we start taking about which apps are a great choice for working on our mobile devices! That is not to say that other apps like Symphony Pro are a bad choice because there some other great choices out there!


At this price…. well… things are clearly tipped WAY in the favor of Notion! Half price all the way until October 31! Now THIS is a deal! Even if you do have some of the other apps I would say this this is a great time to also grab Notion. At $7.99 this purchase is worth skipping a couple of days of pop or frappuccino! Even if you are just a musician that wants to “mess round with” music notation.

Plus PreSonus, the company that now owns Notion, has put together a great series of YouTube videos to help you out with learning this app. Check them out on this page…. (after you go buy the app!)


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