Privacy online and social sites that don’t actually delete your accounts when asked!

Well that is very interesting indeed! A month or so ago I deleted/deactivated a few of my social accounts. It had seemed that I had reached overload of daily input into my brain and I also did not agree with everything that was happening around me online.

It’s been a good break. Now I have re-opened a few of those accounts again. I miss the input and interaction with the online world of music education! I have made an interesting observation though about two of these services and I would like to pass on the warning that I am sure many of you have heard before. Once things are online it is pretty difficult to get rid of it! In fact my Twitter account and FourSquare account never actually got deleted! Now you must understand something about this situation….. When I deleted these accounts I was very diligent, or so I thought, about making sure that I actually was DELETING these accounts! Deleting, as in I did not want to ever re-activate them again! Deleting as in I wanted them GONE! So some place I missed something when doing that! At least with FourSquare and Twitter. Every single bit of my previous account were still there! All my followers, tweets and check-ins!

One other thing that made a few of my 8th grade students turn pale (and no I’m not kidding!). I showed the students how Google tracks you! If you sign into your Gmail account in a web browser, check your email and then simply close the web page then Google is tracking you! Google had info on me going back many years! Want to see what they have on you? Sign into your Google account, then go to this web site –

At least Google let’s you “suspend” this tracking of your online activities.

Are there web services that you have found did not “delete” your account? Leave a comment below.

Yikes! The evil side of Google!

I consider myself a pretty savvy tech user. I know I’m by no means a guru but I’m way more knowledgable than many others!

So how in the world did this go under my radar?

Google has been storing a ton of my web searches since 2007! How in world would this be possible, especially when I know for a FACT that most of the time I am not even signed into my account when I am performing searches! I’ve read these stories, I know that what ever you do online leaves digital footprints but good grief! If I am not signed in and I do a search that is still being tracked? I guess I should clear my cookies out more often!

Do you want to see what is in your web search history?

1)Sign into your google account

2)Go to



Unless of course you don’t mind people tracking you! If I wanted what I was searching saved then I would simply look through my computers web browser history.