SmartMusic for free! (If you are a new customer)

If you are not a SmartMusic customer yet y really need to take advantage of this deal! MakeMusic is offering new customers a chance for a year of free SmartMusic! All you need to do is attend three online clinics. See the link below for information….

SmartMusc free for a year

If you didn't know already, SmartMusic will be arriving for iPads this spring!

If you would like to visit the MakeMusic website and simply read up on what SmartMusic is all about here is the link to do that. Of course if you are a music educator and don't know what SmartMusic is then you need to go do this! It's free…. What better way to explore the possibilities!



SmartMusic for iPad announced today!

This totally changes the face of music education! Life should take a bit of a different turn especially for those who have iPads in their music departments!

MakeMusic announced that they would be previewing SmartMusic for iPad the end of this month at the New York Music conference and then again in December at Mid-West.

This means I will probably not be ever again buying computers for my students to use in our program.