Note for Note App

Are you a piano player but not a guitar player? Do you frequently have to work with a guitar player and help them figure out where to play chords on their guitar? Or maybe you play guitar but want to figure out how to play bass guitar. Well I’ve got an app for you!

The other night a developer contacted me about an app that was released in April. The app is called Note for Note. Now don’t go searching the app store for “Note for Note” just yet though because it will not come up in the search results for some reason. You actually have to search for “notefornote” without any spaces between the words. I found that a bit strange as the app name on my ipad has spaces in the name. Here is a link …. NoteforNote.

This app is one of those simple and to the point apps. It fulfills a need that I have had so many times in the past while teaching. I am a piano player and I also play bass guitar. For some reason, even though I have tried, I have never really been able to play 6 string guitar. Those chords and my fingers just don’t work well. Therefore when I have been working with a guitar player who is not a note reader it takes me too long to help them figure out chords and different voicings. With this app loaded on my iPad I will no longer have that issue. The app allows me to play a chord on the piano (on the bottom) and have all the different options of where I could play those notes on the guitar show up on the top. There are options for Guitar, Bass (4, 5, or 6 string) and Piano. If you are a guitar player but not a pianist then simply put the guitar on the bottom and the piano on the top. There is an option for playing only one note or chords.

If you are playing chords you have to play each note separately, hold it down, wait a split second then proceed to the next note of the chord. Otherwise the app does get freaked out.

Other than that one weirdness, I love this app. Like I said it fills a need in my teaching bag of tricks. I am appreciative of the developer letting me know about this app too. Of course that is one of the reasons I write this blog. We need to share great apps that we find that work well for us in our teaching of music education. That way we don’t have to dig through all the piles and piles of apps in the app store. Sometimes we would just not even be aware that there is an app that does a specific task. SHARE WITH EACH OTHER! Isn’t that one of those lessons our Mom’s made sure we learned a few years ago? Thanks Mom!