Tutorial on DayBook Pro

This is to demonstrate the steps needed to make DayBook Pro useful for teachers! The best way is to make use of the library feature in the app – you create one template that includes everything already set up – things like curriculum standards, materials needed objectives, assessments or whatever you need for your particular situation. THEN you export that template to your DayBook Pro … Continue reading Tutorial on DayBook Pro

Creating music with iPads

There have been some outstanding new developments in the world of music for iOS users this past few months! First has been the actual release of AudioBus for iOS. As they say on the iTunes Store… This is a revolutionary new inter-app audio routing system allowing you to connect your AudioBus compatible apps together with virtual cables. In other words…. I can be playing a … Continue reading Creating music with iPads

Lesson Plan App – PlanBook

So I am trying to get more organized with working the iPad into a good workflow with my lesson planning. I have been looking for a way to write up my lesson plans that I can sync between my MacBookPro, the Band Room iMac, my iPad and that will also allow me to display each classes lessons on the projector screen for each class. It … Continue reading Lesson Plan App – PlanBook