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Here is my contact information if you would like to email me:

pshimmons at (simply replace the word at with the symbol @ )


tpshimmons on twitter

19 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. I would love to hear your experiences as you work with your 4th/5th grade kids! Look forward to hearing more from you!

  2. A colleague was discussing our need of Smartboards, so I started researching. You’ve bypassed the Smartboard!! Definitely looking at the iPad/Projector solution for our classroom next year. PLEASE keep this going. I’m VERY excited for the possibilities in beginning band/middle school band.

    1. That’s great that you are finding useful resources here! Feel free to comment and let us know what you are using as well. We like sharing ideas here!

      I look forward to hearing from you more!


  3. Hi Paul, just wondering if you’ve had a chance to try out an app called ‘Music Resources’.
    It is higher priced than some others but seems to be the only one that holds a database of developer created worksheets, exams and charts.

  4. what app can take drums from on track and guitar from other and mix them together?I’m looking for an app for Ipad. ease of use and quality are the most important to me. If this is not the right place, can somebody point me to a good forum

  5. Hi Jason…. GarageBand will let you have one track with drums on it and then another with guitar. GarageBand even has software instruments built in that you can use to create those tracks. MultiTrackDaw is another option, especially if you are looking to record external instruments – as in you playing a real guitar.

  6. can you take two different song off of your itunes library and mix them together on garage band? or pull out the vocal track from one and and music from another and put those two together in garage band? i know that you can record your own music but i’m more into mixing

  7. Hi site,

    I’m Peter, an iOS developer focusing on music apps. At the moment, I’m developing a music composition app named “Score Creator”, an app that helps musicians create sheet music for multiple instruments. The app provides a very new and handy interface that allows the users to input music notes, lyrics and chords quickly, just like they are typing text on a normal text keyboard.

    I found your site is a good place for app reviews and I would really like my app to get reviewed on it.

    Could you please have a quick look at the app and see if it may have a chance to appear on your site?

    App link:

    Feel free to contact me for more information.

    Best Regards,

  8. Hi everybody,

    We have developed a music application for smart phones and tablets.
    We have published it and we need some reviews and
    opinions about our product. It has some specs that
    has never seen before; such as 3d animated guitarist
    who performs like a real guitarist in real time.

    We have published only for ios devices right now.
    In future, we are going to publish it for
    android devices too.

    Best regards

    Olcay Daser
    Polygonium Dev.Team

    Our product page is here:

    Our product ios link is here:

  9. Hi, Thanks for your Blog. Your resources are great!
    I am a piano student and use an iPad every day where I play mainly Jazz tunes. I use ForScore and iRealPro a lot. My teachers have always impressed upon me the importance of playing to the right rhythm as soon as I start learning a tune. I used to create high-quality, song-specific rhythm backing tracks on a PC and download them to my iPad, but that was very time-consuming. I have developed a rhythm backing tracks service that generates these same tracks and an iPad app to select, download and play them. It’s called Song Rhythm Tracks
    It would be marvellous if you, or your readers, find this of use. Reviews are very welcome. Indeed all comments are most useful.
    Again, Thanks for a great Blog.
    Matt at Alive Drumming.

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