SmartMusic Updated Today! Huge Benefits Included!

SmarMusic LogoLook, Look, Look! See the new logo from SmartMusic? It’s like Christmas today! SmartMusic and Scorch for iPad have both been updated tonight! (I will post about this separately!)

SmartMusic has to be the single most important tool a music teacher could have available to them and their students these days! MakeMusic, the company that puts out SmartMusic, is working endlessly to make the product a better experience. Today is the next step…

Here’s what has been added….

A New look – blah, blah, blah (as in in OK, let’s move on!)

Per-User Log-in – Now THIS is exciting! My district is going to save money using this update! I currently have a subscription for my computer in the band room that is hooked to the projector and also another subscription for my laptop. The Choir director here has the same. In other words, now we only need 1 each not 2!

UserNames – No longer do we NEED an email to create an account! Not that I minded working with students on being able to actually use email but email is becoming less and less important these days. My high school students rarely use email unless forced to because of teacher mandated use!

Practice Room Subscriptions – Not new (we have like 6 of them here) BUT this answered my question about NEEDING an account to sign in. You can “PIN” a subscription to a practice room computer or iPad. This will allow multiple students to sign in on that one device. Of course if a student has purchased a subscription for their use at home they would have signed in with that account. Here though, I have bad luck convincing students to purchase their own subscriptions! I’m working on it!

Rubrics and State Standards! – How exciting! All built-in to SmartMusic. No more of this trying to use multiple apps to make this happen!!!!! I am so very excited about this feature! I have been trying to find adequate iPad apps for Lesson Plans that incorporate state standards into the app so that I can report what all is being covered to the administrators! This is going to make my life easier and more efficient! SmartMusic has reporting built-in!

And then automatic updates and of course new repertoire!

WHAT’S missing? I still don’t see that a student can do their assignments on the iPad yet. I will try this out in the next 24 hours. It DOES say that us teachers ARE NOT able to “create” assignments on the iPad and that we have to do this from a desktop. From that wording I wonder if the students assignments portion of SmartMusic on the iPad is actually working but it is not explicitly stated one way or the other.