iOS11 Podcast with Robby and Chris

Robby Burns has a wonderful Podcast and this past school year he was focusing on doing podcasts with his friends that related to the book he wrote, “Digital Organization Tips for Music Teachers.

This time he invited Chris Russell and myself to talk about updating to iOS11. We had a great time talking together and exploring the new features that Apple has brought to us all in iOS11.

Updating to iOS11 – Robby Burns with Chris Russell and Paul Shimmons

If you have thoughts about how iOS11 is going to affect your teaching/performing/studying music please leave me a comment below!

ME&T Podcast #8 Featuring The Developer from Sheet Music Scanner is now out!

Chris and I have had a busy first part of 2017nso it has been a little while since we have found the time to put a new podcast out. But we had a great talk with David Zemsky, the developer of Sheet Music Scanner – an iOS app that is pretty disruptive to our workflows as musicians. Using this app and your devices built in camera it is simple to turn a static sheet of music into digital music that you can do many things with. One of the most important things is that you can listen to what the music is supposed to sound like allowing for quicker understanding of that sheet music. I love these chances to sit and find out more about the developers who have a passion to help change the face of music education, the developers who want to change the capabilities musicians have through the use of technology. David is a great person whose desire for developing his app is evident in our discussions.

Chris and I discuss quite a few other current topics current in the world of music, education and technology. Check out the show notes on our METPodcast WordPress page

Here is the podcast from our SoundCloud page which is sponsored by UberChord

ME&T Poscast Episode #7

Chris Russell and myself are here in Grand Rapids at the Michigan Music Conference and we took time to sit down and record our latest podcast. This time we actually were sitting in the same room for this episode so that was fun. 

We have a great time discussing all sorts of topics like attending music conferences, the new MacBooks with the touch bar, and playing with the updated GarageBand to highlight some of the new features. We talk about news from NAMM like the new handwriting app for creating music notation called KOMP and new interface from IKMtimedia and PreSonus. 

You can listen here or on iTunes….

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT – ME&T Podcast – The Place for Music Educators to Get Music Tech News

Today is a great day! Today is the day that Chris Russell and I announce our joint venture that will hopefully benefit anyone wanting to know the latest and greatest adventures of two music teachers trying to integrate technology into the music classroom!

Chris is a blogger over at
I blog here at

Chris is a Choir teacher in Minnesota
I am a Band teacher here in Michigan

We both enjoy finding ways to use technology in our daily jobs. Both of our goals is to find ways that technology allows us to do our jobs better, different, and easier. We also want to put technology into the students hands so that they can learn more, learn different and have a way better experience than what we did when we were going to school.

We became friends because of the fact that we both started blogging around the same time about the subject…. Technology integration in music education. In fact I was a bit jealous because when I did find his blog I thought the name of his blog was better than mine! I started writing a blog because I bought an iPad the day it first came out and wanted to share my journey of figuring out what that meant as a teacher. So therefore my blog name – iPad in Music Ed

So the big news is this – Chris invited me to help him produce a Podcast that allowed us to have discussions about what we both enjoy doing! Our goal is to interview app developers, give tips, talk about what we are currently working on and discuss the ways in which technology continues to amaze ourselves and other in the world of music education.

The name of the PodCast is ME&T Podcast which is short for Music Education & Technology Podcast.

For our first Podcast we discuss one of the biggest reasons that I actually purchased an iPad for in the first place – using it for sheet music. We had hoped to interview the developers of ForScore but that just did not work out like we had hoped but we spent a decent amount of time talking about ForScore along with the fact that Finale 25 has just been announced and the fact that Dorico is heavy into development.

We are not sure exactly where this Podcast journey will take us but we sure did have a great time chatting. Boy are we excited about what we do and we hope that those of you that are looking for answers or who enjoy the integration of music and technology, join us!

Developers – Music Companies –

  1. If you would like to be featured in a future PodCast email us at – Chris and I will both be checking that email.
  2. If you would like to sponsor a Podcast episode or more we are trying to figure out how to handle hosting costs and such for the Podcast so your sponsorship would be put to good use.

Teachers – Colleagues – Musicians –

  1. Have a question you want more info about?
  2. Want to know more about a certain app?
  3. Have something you’d like to see us discuss?

Email us at

Here is our first Podcast – Hope you enjoy it!