iOS6 Update and iPads in Education

iOS6 has been such a huge benefit to using iPads in class, and for that matter just in general. Let me tell you a couple of my favorite benefits. First there is the Open In menu, some people call it the Share Menu. It's the little icon with the curly up arrow in it that allows you to open/share a document into another app. I … Continue reading iOS6 Update and iPads in Education

Reflection App, Apple TV for $15?

Buying an Apple TV is on my list of soon to buy items. Of course at this point I am waiting until next weeks announcements from Apple on March 7. I have ideas about what will be announced, go read the rumor blogs if you have no idea. I an assure you it is not the iPhone 5 though, like one of my 8th graders … Continue reading Reflection App, Apple TV for $15?

Lion Secrets (OK -Sweet, non-Obvious Features)

There are so many major improvements in Lion that everyone is talking about. There are also many little things behind the scenes that are really great that people are not talking so much about. Here are a few I think are just wonderful features that I know I will be using…. Screen Saver interaction – I have enjoyed watching pictures fly by in my screen … Continue reading Lion Secrets (OK -Sweet, non-Obvious Features)