Auria Goes PRO! Now THERE is some news worth reading!

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Over at the Auria discussion boards it was announced today that one of THE big DAW apps for iPad is going to be going to a new version which will be called “Auria Pro”.

If you are not familiar with what Auria is currently here it is…. Auria is one of the leading Digital Audio Workstations for iPad offering 48 tracks of digital audio playback from iPad and 24 tracks of simultaneous recording! I’ve said it before… when the concept of Auria was first introduced people could not believe that this would ever happen!

Now Auria is taking the next step…. of course we have heard rumors that this was going to happen but now it is official with the first public showing happening at the upcoming NAMM show! Here is the run down with some screen shots of the new and might I say much improved UI….

Some of you who are still using older iPads are going to want to start thinking about upgrading to an iPad Air or iPad Air2 because it is my guess that these new features are not going to do so well on much less – iPad2 is gonna be out as the current version of Auria won’t run that well on it.

Another thought – for those of you who are freaking out at the $49.99 price tag because you have never spent more than $1.99 on an app….. This is a pro app, this gives you functionality that has only been available on desktop apps in the past and those apps have cost $200 up to $500!

New Features: (I have bolded the items that are the main head liners……)

– Comprehensive MIDI capabilities including:
– MIDI sequencing
– Tempo and Time-signature tracks
– Piano roll editor
– Real-time MIDI parameters including quantize, velocity shift, velocity compression,
length compression, random, delay, legato and transpose
– Groove template quantizing with built-in DNA grooves (additional grooves available for
– MIDI processing functions including Transpose, Fixed Length, Velocity Gain, Fixed
Velocity, Delete Notes, Delete Controller, Restrict Polyphony, Optimize Controller Data,
Humanize, Delete Overlaps, Crescendo, Reverse, Pedal to Length, Velocity Rescale,
Velocity Range, Velocity Curve and Compress/Limit
– FabFilter Twin 2 Analog synth built in
– WaveMachine Labs multi-format sampler built in
– Powerful new audio routing with flexible busses
– Real-time audio warping using Elastique Pro v3
– Audio quantize feature
– Transient slicing
– Audio to MIDI conversion – WHAT!?! 
– Unlimited tracks
– 6 AUX sends
– Project templates
– Updated graphics and overall performance improvements

Auria Pro will be available Spring 2015 and will be priced at $49.99, and existing Auria users will also be able to upgrade to Auria Pro for a reduced price. I have no idea what the upgrade price will be but the full version of the current app is on a 50% sale for $24.99. Pricing for the standard Auria version will be staying at $24.99.

editor_detail editor midi_control mixer piano_roll warp_markers

Holderness Media Effects Apps for iPhone Released! (Sale price right now too!)

crystalline_perform_view_iPad_Air_854wOne of the great iOS Music Developers, Holderness Media, has had a suite of effects apps out for iPad for awhile now. The news of the week though is that on Jan 8, 2015, he released four of the apps for iPhone! Now our little iOS friends can take part in the fun alongside the iPad!

This is going to be loads of fun especially since an iPhone6+ has the extra screen space but is still small enough to stick in your pocket! These effects can easily replace a guitarists effects pedals or work alongside of them! (Of course those pedals aren’t going to fit in your pocket very well though!)

stereodesigner_screen_sliders_2048x1536Just look at all the tweak-able controls you get in these apps! X-Y Pads to make fast easy adjustments, then there are the sliders on the next screen that allow even more tweaking, morphing, echoes, swooping and all sorts of fun on the fly! You do not even have to have any idea what you are doing to have fun with controls like these available at your fingertips!

These apps allow you to apply the effects a live input, like a guitar/drum module/keyboard etc… or any app that is AudioBus/InterAppAudio compatible! I’ve included a video at the bottom of this post that will give you a little idea of what is possible with these apps.

It bears mentioning that I fully support Christopher Rice’s (the developer) decision to charge for iPhone versions of these apps. Many people may not like having to pay twice but when you have great developers who love the iOS community and work hard to give us amazing apps, they deserve our financial support! Plus, the are offering amazing deals on the app bundles! Buy the bundle and save a bundle!

Here are the four iPhone apps – Each is $1.99

Echo Pad - HoldernessEcho Pad (This is the only one of the Holderness apps that is actually an universal app. Which means you only have to buy one app that will work on iPad and iPhone)

Crystalline - HoldernessCrystalline mini

Stereo Designer Mini - Holderness MediaStereo Designer Mini

Swoopster Holderness MediaSwoopster Mini

Caramel - Holderness MediaCaramel Mini

Here are the links for the iPad Versions –

Echo Pad - HoldernessEcho Pad  (This is the only one of the Holderness apps that is actually an universal app. Which means you only have to buy one app that will work on iPad and iPhone)

Crystalline - HoldernessCrystalline

Stereo Designer Mini - Holderness MediaStereo Designer

Swoopster Holderness MediaSwoopster

Caramel - Holderness MediaCaramel

Here are links to the bundles –

Holderness Media Bundle – iPhone Bundle ($8.99) – 50% off currently

Holderness Media Bundle – iPad Bundle ($11.99)


Caramel YouTube Video – The other apps are kind of self explanatory but Caramel is a much deeper app with some amazing possibilities! Take a Look –

Apple App of The Week is “Things”! Goes Free For The First Time Ever!

Well here is a special deal of the day, wait… make that WEEK! Currently – Nov 20-28, 2014

Things iPhoneThings for iPad is a wonderful task manager app that is usually $19.99 but has been selected by Apple as their app of the week. So, until the 28th you can save yourself $19.99 and download it for free!


Things iPhoneThings for iPhone is also free currently – at that price you really need to download both versions of the app and see if this fits the bill for keeping you organized!


Things MacThings for Mac is 30% off currently! Of course that makes it still a hefty $34.99! Which is exactly why I do not use this app on my Mac! When you added up the cost of getting the iPad, iPhone AND Mac versions of this app you had a pretty big sum of money! Especially when Apple’s Reminders was free…. now don’t get me wrong…. Things is heads and tales above and beyond Reminders in functionality so keep that in mind!


If you do not have the NotesPlusNotesPlus app for iPad it is currently on sale for only $1.99!

Pocket Studio by XME is Free! A 98 Track Digital Audio Workstation on your iPad…

What’s to think about it’s free! Go get it – Especially if you haven’t bought yourself an app that does the the whole digital audio workstation bit yet!

Plus their BeatPad Small IconBeatPad is on sale for $2.99 (down from $5.99). BeatPad and PocketStudio work hand in hand. Pass your beats you create in BeatPad off to PocketStudio then record your keys, vocal and guitar into PocketStudio. Don’t forget to add some live horns in there too!

Pocket Studio LargePocket Studio by XME here is a list of top features to tempt you even more….

• 96 Tracks! YES, NINETY SIX TRACKS! Create as many tracks up to 96 as your iOS device will let you. 
• BeatPad midi plugin: Tap the folder icon/new/track/midi then tap the Midi Track’s input button to select BeatPad. 
• Audiobus
• Record Digital Audio from devices plugged into dock connector 
• Record audio and midi tracks in each session 
• Available reverb and delay effect sends for each track 
• Unlimited Songs 
• Beautiful Design 
• Import Audio from Your Music Library  
• Import audio from email 
• Record audio from thousands of online radio stations 
• Quantize midi tracks to keep notes in sync 
• Tap and hold metronome button to reveal metronome UI 
• Tap and hold Input button to quickly reveal input plugin (BeatPad or Online Radio for example) 
• 118 BeatPad Kits available for download 
• Quick Punch Recording 
• Tap Docs button/NewTrack/Midi then set BeatPad as the input to create BeatPad midi tracks

BeatPad LargeFEATURES 
– Create Custom Kits by sampling microphone audio or Importing audio from email and the web! 
– Share your custom kits with friends! 
– Download Kits made by others from around the world 
– Universal App Installs on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch! 
– Quantize: Automatic Note Sync keeps you on beat
– Email Your Beats to EVERYONE! 
– Upload Your Beats to SoundCloud, YouTube & Your FaceBook wall 
– Professional Sound Banks used by Real Producers
– 8 Channel Music Sequencing 
– Type and Save Your Lyrics to Each Song 
– Easy to use interface.. 
– Send your song files to friends for collaboration

Clear, a Great To-Do App On Sale.

I do not like using  a To-Do app that does not have a desktop version of the app as well as an iOS version. I also love seeing innovative designs that are clean and inspiring to look at.

Clear, from RealMac, fits both of those criteria. PLUS both apps are on sale! RealMac usually doesn’t usually offer discounted prices on their desktop software either so this is clearly a sweet deal!

Clear for Mac Small IconClear for Mac – $4.99 (50% off – down from $10.99)

Clear Small IconClear for iOS – $1.99 (down from $4.99)


Here are some highlights of what Clear does for you….

  • Simple, Gesture based design
  • Syncs your lists across devices via iCloud
  • Now you can set reminders
  • Looks mighty fine!
  • Sounds cool too – that’s a bonus for us musician types! (Unless of course you are in a teachers meeting – then you are going to want to turn your volume DOWN!)


Clear iPad SShot

AutoDesk’s Sketchbook Painting and Drawing iOS apps ARE FREE!


Well, this is a first….

SketchBook is one of the Apps of the Week picks by Apple! That means that the iPhone and iPad apps for Sketchbook, the wonderful painting and drawing apps from AutoDesk are free for one week!

If you are in the least bit interested in drawing or sketching or painting then go download them!

SketchBook Pro Small IconAutoDesk’s Sketchbook Pro for iPad

Sketchbook Mobile Small IconSketchbook Mobile for iPhone

Music Making iOS Apps on Sale Currently

There are some really great apps on sale right now to help you with the creation of music on an iOS device….

Want to create a little music and noise? These are some awesome apps to have on sale…. right from the grand-daddy of them all – Animoog down to the new kid on the block – Sector. iGrand has some of the best sounding piano sounds for iOS and the price drop includes dropping the price of the expansion pack too!

Animoog Small IconAnimoog – $19.99 (down from $29.99) (33%)

Animoog Small IconAnimoog for iPhone – $5.99 (down from $9.99) (50%)

SectorSector – $7.99 (down from $8.99)

Beatmaker2 Small IconBeatMaker 2 – $9.99 (down from $19.99) (50%)

Everyday Looper Small IconEveryday Looper – $2.99 (down from $5.99) (50%)

Filtatron Small IconFiltatron – $5.99 (down from $7.99)

iGrand icon smalliGrand – $11.99 (down from $19.99 (Expansion pack is only $5.99 right now)

iLectric icon smalliLectric – $11.99 (down from $19.99 (Expansion pack is only $5.99 right now)


Have any MIDI keyboards you use? What about wanting to make your final mix sound better? Here you go…..

MIDI Designer Pro Small IconMIDI Designer Pro – $19.99 (down from $29.99)

Final Touch Small IconFinal Touch – $12.99 (down from $19.99)


Next up we have some biggie wallet savers for any guitar player out there…..

JamUp Pro Small iconJamUp XT PRO – $4.99 (down from $19.99) (75%) PLUS all expansion packs are 50% off too!

Bias - Amps Small IconBIAS – $4.99 (down from $19.99) (75%)

Bias - Amps Small IconBIAS for iPhone – $4.99 (down from $19.99) (75%)

This is Fantastic! Fantastical is 50% off Currently!

If you have never heard of Fantastical 2 for iPad/iPhone/Mac then you really need to go take a look at how much easier you life could be! Back in April, I wrote about Fantastical when it was updated to Version 2. There were some great features that increased the versatility of the app then and today it gets bumped to V2.1 PLUS it goes on 50% sale!

I think all of us use our calendars on our devices as a way to stay on top of our busy schedules. That means adding events left and right, which means doing a whole bunch of tap-tap-tap and digging through menus to find that setting we need changed. Fantastical 2 has the aim of making this process so much faster! Fantastical uses natural language input – Simply type in “Lunch next Wednesday with Ron Smith at Hotel Doherty” and your event is created on the correct day, with the correct time at the right location with the right person!

The only downside to this app is that you have to buy the iPad version separate from the iPhone version. Since the apps are on sale though…. you should just go buy both of them!

Of course, using Fantastical 2 on the Mac really makes the process of managing our calendars even easier because Fantastical lives up in the menu bar. You can check your calendar, create events and even work though your Reminders all without actually opening an app!

IF you are still using the stock, Apple Calendar and Reminders then this is your special day!

Fantastical Small IconFantastical 2 for iPad – $4.99

Fantastical Small IconFantastical 2 for iPhone – $4.99

Fantastical 2 for Mac Small IconFantastical 2 for Mac – $9.99

iPad Music Making Apps On Sale Right Now

If you don’t have these apps this is the perfect time to buy them at a reduced price and get creative!

I do not write about apps on my blog that I either don’t already own and use or plan on buying. All the apps I talk about here are useful to any teacher or musician. There are so many junk apps on the app store that it is hard to wade through them all. That’s why I share what I find useful in the hopes that I can save someone else the hassle of trying to guess about it’s usefulness.

Here is what is on sale right now…. (These are amazing deal! Especially the last one on the list. If you have to pick just ONE of these then get Audio Mastering. If you already have that one then get either SunRizer or Magellan!)

  • iGrand icon smalliGrand Piano $11.99 [The In-App-Purchases are also on sale right now!] (down from $19.99) – one of the best sounding piano sounds you will hear coming out of an iPad!
  • iLectric icon smalliLectric Piano $11.99 [The In-App-Purchases are also on sale right now!] (down from $19.99) – great sounding electric piano sounds you will hear coming out of an iPad!


Developer, Igor, has just released his newest effects app and has lowered the price on all of his apps. I totally consider these first two as essential in my workflow when ever I am working with my own compositions or performances from my bands at school.

  • AltiSpace Small IconAltiSpace – $5.99 – SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY PRICING/ JUST RELEASED – realistic sound of famous reverb equipment for your iPad and iPhone! The FX you will get out of this app are so tasty you will want to start using it every time you perform or record!
  • Audio Mastering Small IconAudio Mastering $6.99 (down from $12.99) – Every time you record a performance of one of your groups the last step should be to run those recordings through this app! The difference is astounding! Adjust EQ, Compression, Dynamics, Stereo Imaging and more. If you know what you are doing with this app you could get even better results that what I do but even with my limited knowledge about Mastering the difference is amazing!
  • Master FX Small IconMaster FX $5.99 (down from $11.99) – from the same developer who wrote Audio Mastering – Master FX is intended for real-time processing of sound from one or two external instruments or microphones separately while playing or singing. It can also mix instrument sound or voice with pre-recorded audio tracks.
  • Master Record Small Icon Master Record $4.99 – Easy to use recording application with convenient controls


For the Synth and drum people


For Guitar and Bass Players:

  • JamUp Pro Small iconJamUp Pro $9.99 (50% off for limited time) – The tagline on their page says “JamUp is the world’s best Guitar/Bass Multi-Effects Processor for iPad and iPhone.” but the competition is tough with this next app that is also on sale…
  • Bias - Amps Small Icon Bias – Amps Designer and Modeler – $9.99 (50% off for limited time – Their tagline says “Amp Designer, Modeler and Processor for iPad. It’s warm, accurate and more versatile than any other modeler, processor in hardware or software ever created.” so you pick which is best!


AND THE BEST DEAL OF ALL – For those of us who DON’T play guitar but wish we did (well….   OK, you people that do play guitar are still going to like this one!)


BONUS – I’ve got to mention this one again – it is a Mac App.

For those of us who need to create programs, posters, logos and all sorts of graphics work….

Pixelmator Small IconPixelmator is the best alternative to PhotoShop for a much better price and currently it is on a 50% sale for $15.99!



Remember – if you are inspired to purchase apps because of my blog, please click on the links in this post and help give back to my efforts here. Each link is an affiliate link and gives me a small percentage of Apple’s profit on each app. The developer still gets their full profit.



Pixelmator – Graphics App to Rival PhotoShop (at a fraction of the cost!)

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 1.57.26 PMIt’s not often that I talk about non-music apps here on my blog. If I do it’s probably because it’s an organizational tool, like calendars/databases/To-Do Lists.

Today though I can not miss the opportunity to let you know that Pixelmator Small IconPixelmator is on a 50% sale in the Mac App Store. This is an app for you desktop/laptop that takes the place of Adobe PhotoShop, which I’m sure you all recognize.

PhotoShop is “the” app for anyone who wishes to do anything with pictures on a computer. The problem is the price! Go ahead, check it out. Ridiculous!

Pixelmator is on sale for a little while longer for $15.99 which is a price that even I am willing to spend. The program cover for the next concert is going to look a WHOLE lot better this year!

Layers, Shapes, Healing Brushes, Text to Shape – good stuff for a great price!

Here is the PixelMator website to take an in-depth look at the capabilities in the app.

Even better, take a look at these tutorials to see how easy it is to apply these tools to make your programs/letters/logos/website look so much more professional





As always – the links on my blog are affiliate links. That means if you click on my links because you like my ideas I bring to your attention I get a small profit from Apple’s share of the sales. The Developers keep all of their share. This is just a small way to keep my blog going.