Apps For Music Educators – Not Free

Tuners –

Metronomes –

PDF Music Apps


Music Notation Apps

Music Apps

  • AnyTune Icon SmallAnyTune Pro+ (AnyTune in any version is better than no AnyTune!)

Music Recording

Digital Audio Workstations

  • Cubasis small iconCubais – The best app out there for recording audio and MIDI both!
  • Auria Small LogoAuria – Record MultiTrack recordings of audio only
  • GarageBand small iconGarageBand – Awesome, Interacts with Logic and GarageBand on the desktop.
  • MultiTrack DAW small iconMultiTrack DAW – Best MultiTrack DAW for audio only when using older iPads.

Music Theory Apps

4 thoughts on “Apps For Music Educators – Not Free

  1. You might want to add Sheet Music Scanner – Score Player by David Zemsky to your list. Unlike NotateMe with PhotoScore, it is actively developed. It is also much less expensive yet more accurate, at least in my experience. Another big plus is that it will import PDF and various image files in addition to using the camera. Much better accuracy working with a quality scan from a flatbed! MusicXML from it exports smoothly to Notion. I found it very recently when I discovered that NotateMe with PhotoScore just crashed when PhotoScore was selected from the menu – probably because NotateMe hasn’t been updated in 18 months, which puts it multiple iOS versions out of date.

  2. Hello, those are some awesome music apps that y’all recommended and I may give them a try myself. If you don’t mind me suggesting another app that I found that has audio and video to help with learning the piano. Its called Pianoforall and here is a link to their website if you want to take a look at them.

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