Dorico YouTube Video is Full Of It

Yeah…. so the latest YouTube Video posted July 27, 2022 is just plain full of amazing tips on how to use Dorico!

It is so great to hear from John and get a full tutorial on how to capture the music you want to create inside of Dorico! Dorico is such an amazing program but it also takes a lot to wrap your head around sometimes!

Go watch this video and you will be well onto your way to understanding how to make much better use of Dorico!


One thought on “Dorico YouTube Video is Full Of It

  1. Hi Paul,

    Thanks for all your work with the updates on what’s out and available in music education technology over the years. I found your blog soon after I bought an iPad Air (gen 1) many years ago and have been enjoying seeing what’s new out there (and especially your notices what’s on-sale…or even free!).

    I’m realizing it’s time to update my devices since my old iPad Air isn’t able to run the latest version(s) of the apps since I can’t even use the latest version of the iPad OS on my device. I also have a Lenovo laptop that I bought in January 2020 for a very low price, but I have paid the price of frustration many times over in waiting for programs and web pages to load. The only resident apps I use are MS Word and Finale v.26…everything else I use is web-based (mostly Google Docs and Sheets). I’m reaching out in hopes of finding out your thoughts about what I should look for when I move up to newer device(s).

    I am a cellist and strings teacher. I love many things about my iPad air, but there have also been some frustrations over the years. I’ve never really been able to use my current iPad effectively for playing gigs since the scale of the screen is smaller than a 8.5×11” sheet of paper and I can’t easily read notation that’s been shrunk to fit the screen. I would love the ability to play my cello (or violin, viola, or bass) while perusing scores on IMSLP or elsewhere. I would also love to be able to use ForScore for gigs and performances, but realize I’ll probably need a BlueTooth pedal to turn my pages since I don’t often have a free hand. I use MyMusicStaff for my private teaching work, and have sometimes had problems with some features (ie writing/editing “lesson notes”) when using this site on my iPad. I once acquired the iPad version of Notion, but found it frustrating because it often deleted my saved work…or at least made it impossible for me to find. I had considered purchasing Notion for my PC also and moving on from my 20+ year relationship with Finale, but this frustration with Notion deleting my work on the iPad a few times made me pause on that.

    I hear that I should be able to do Google Apps and MyMusicStaff on an iPad without any difficulty, so I’m considering purchasing a larger iPad and possibly keeping my current PC just for Finale and MS Word. Do you have any recommendations about which iPad Pro to purchase: * What screen size (11” or 12.9”…or larger ones I hear are coming)? * If I can’t afford a new one which is the earliest generation iPad Pro I should consider? * What size device storage would you recommend?

    If you’re willing to interact, I would appreciate any thoughts you have about anything above.

    Thanks for reading! Eric Jones Philadelphia, PA


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