Summer Sale on Cubasis – Get this if you do not have it already!

Hello all! I am so excited to let you all know that I am still alive!

Happy summer (at least for those of us here in the US!). Great news…. Cubasis and Cubasis LE are both on sale for 50% off!

If you are a music educator who owns an iPad then Cubasis is one of those apps that should be on the front page of your iPad or iPhone. What is Cubasis you ask? It is like GarageBand but on a whole different level – like pro level. For instance, while doing my video work at band camp these past couple of weeks I choose to use my iPad to mix all the audio instead of my computer and Logic. Cubasis is so easy to use and there are several outstanding audio units that make using it on iPad a no brainer!

Audio Units like Brusfri which allowed me to magically remove noise from our concert recordings – you know, like the air conditioner noise right above the video camera!

Our the Waves Audio plugins you can purchase from inside of Cubasis that give you even better, more thorough, control over a compressor, limiter, EQ and noise gate. All very simple but amazing ways you can quickly improve the audio from a video camera.

So grab Cubasis, play with it over the summer then use it this next concert! Record the concert on your video camera of choice, use QuickTime to extract that audio, import it into Cubasis and you will be amazed at the difference you can make!.

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