Roli has released a new Orchestral Ensembles for Equator and it sounds astounding!

(OK – I guess I started writing about this and never hit the Publish Button! this is NOT new but came out in early Dec 2021)

This is the weekend for new sounds I guess! I know I am super excited because I am taking some of my band students down to listen to the Brass Band of Battle Creek here in Michigan. This is the band where the worlds best brass gather to play. They fly and drive in from all over the world and make some glorious music that astounds all who hear it! If you like brass music and you have NOT heard this group go and listen!

But the real reason for this post is that Roli has just put out an Orchestral Ensembles Soundpack for use in Equator and it simply sounds amazing! I am NOT one for trying to use electronics to reproduce acoustic instruments. I think that comes from the years of having to deal with the sounds emitting forth from the numerous MIDI keyboards that I have played and used over the past 35 years. That coupled with the fact that I myself am a Band Director and have lots of friends who can play most of the instruments for real.

But this Sound Pack…. this brings a new level of realism to our finger tips while sitting in our basements, studio’s, the city park (or more like by the fire place currently! As the temp here is -11)

Most importantly this sound pack inspires! Sit and listen to the sounds here in their demos! Sit and play them. You will be inspired to come up with new music or to re-create old.

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