Dorico Big News Today – Dorico for iPad

OK boys and girls…. This is NOT a drill…

Dorico has the introduction video to their new Dorico for iPad app live on their YouTube! Not the first notation app on iOS but this is the second of what I’d call the big four companies with desktop notation apps to release a companion iPad app!

There are a couple of items to call your attention to! 1)FREE for up to 4 players! Saying that again…FREE (with limitations but come on! This is big!) Now Dorico is not rolling every feature into that free version but he free version will work well for many to get some great music scores created! I believe the full cost of the app will be a subscription but that remains to be seen (as I sit here in the middle of the woods by my camp fire writing the first version of this post you may find that answer out before me!) 2)Dorico for iPad supports Audio Units! This is a first on iPad for notation! Pick your app to provide the sounds! This opens the door to a whole new world people! and 3)my final BIG item – DAW type piano roll editing mixed with notation into one app! Super cool and an answer to one of my biggest frustrations since the 80’s when we started this whole digital music notation journey.

Dorico for iPad also answers one of our dreams on iOS… beautiful notation of the highest quality built into a beautiful app that also produces beautiful print outs. This iOS app brings the full desktop experience to the mobile platform!

LiveStream from Dorico at 9AM EST July 28, 2021


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