Music Notation Current Thoughts as of July 24, 2021

You know this past year there just has not been much exciting in the world of iOS and music Apps.

As my last post was music notation based I WOULD like to offer a couple thoughts on what I feel are some exciting times and big changes coming for us in music notation. Changes we will welcome as music teachers, music performers and people who just find it plain ol fun to create music using technology!

StaffPad News

First off is the Apple Event in June. If you did NOT see David William Hearns, one of the developers for StaffPad, in the keynote you should stop and go watch the keynote. OK…. never mind…. I will just give you the spoiler…. with the advancement of iPad getting the M1 processor, StaffPad will soon be able to transcribe live audio into digital music notation LIVE! From what I have heard, if your iPad can run StaffPad then all iPads will be able to do this but the 2021 iPad Pro with the M1 processor will be able to do it in pretty much real time. IT was demonstrated by a guy playing a melody line on his guitar and boom…. the notes showed up on the iPad!

I mean talk about easy…. I mean for years we have been able to play notes on a MIDI keyboard and get the notation but think about doing this without any wires, no configuration of confusing settings, no drivers needed, you don’t have to go grab the …………. ok, ok….. you get it! Grab your iPad, grab your trumpet (will this work with wind instruments David?) and start playing! Instantly that music that WAS stuck in your head can now be shared with others with a minimum of needing to understand complicated technology!


Also StaffPad news…. StaffPad is now part of Muse Group. Yup… you know who I am talking about…. the MuseScore people! Not sure what this means but I think it is good!


Ok, this may not exactly be iOS but it is still exciting…. MuseScore will be soon adding audio tracks alongside notation.

Go ahead…. let that sink in….

Ok…. moving on…

Avid Sibelius

You DO realize Sibelius has a free version of the app right? Sibelius | First but the REAL NEWS is this…..

I don’t know what they have up there sleeves but have you seen this tweet….

Hal Leonard and NoteFlight and SoundCheck

If you have not seen SoundCheck from NoteFlight then go read my blog post about it, go read the NoteFlight post about it then go put it into action!

First of all NoteFlight puts music notation into the hands of music students everywhere for about $2 per students – SAY WHAT? Yup, about $2 per kid.

Then SoundCheck allows us to have perform music assessment and give students instant feedback on ANY NoteFlight piece of music that we want! Need data to provide administrators with proof of student achievement? Here is your tool!

What’s Next?

I do have to say that if you want some amazing integration between a DAW (like their free StudioOne Prime) and a music notation app then Get going on learning Notion/StudioOne!


Have you tried Dorico by the way? This is the new kid on the block as far as apps go but the team behind it is far from the new kids on the block! The team behind Dorico took the chance to create a music notation app from the ground up that was written on todays technology and based off years of experience. Not to mention all the research they did to get this app up and runnning!

Two more thoughts…. for years I have wanted the combination of how I record MIDI in a DAW (and what I see in those Daw Piano Rolls) and mixed with the benefit of a competent Music Notation View. Nobody has made it happen…. until Dorico did. I am ashamed that I JUST discovered it…. Check out this You Tube video to see what I mean – just make sure you are sitting down first please…

Dorico – Piano Roll View

Last thought here is….. you do realize that Dorico offers a free 30 day trial right? Buy what if you could get a FREE version? If you are like me 30 days might not do it to figure out and make full use of a new piece of software to fully make my mind up about switching (which by the way Dorico has superb pricing on cross-grades and educational versions! Well Dorico SE is the answer to you prayers – FREE

And to get you started here is the amazingly hilarious and very entertaining Anthony Hughes sharing an entire YouTube Playlist of how to get started in Dorico SE

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