StaffPad and Amazing Chord Options

StaffPad is really amazing me with the options that it has available inside.

StaffPad just posted a YouTube video demonstrating the possibilities available concerning Chords. As expected you are able to insert chords in your piece. Nothing new there. What is SUPER cool though is the Chord Track. Go ahead and add a Chord Track from the utilities folder just as if you were going add another instrument to your piece. StaffPad will then automatically analyze your score and insert chords for you! Wicked sweet!

So below you can see a band score that my band is rehearsing and now I’ve got all the chords for the piece figured out for me. I didn’t have to go through measure by measure transposing the concert band parts in my head to figure out the chord structures. It’s even possible to set the complexity of the analysis!

Chords Auto Analyized

StaffPad will take your types in chords and automatically format them for you too. So just type as you normally and boom…. they look all nifty in a flash.

Auto Formatted!

That chord track…. yeah, you can even print a chord chart from it! 🙂

Check out the video of StaffPads YouTube

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