Christmas News in the Music Tech World From CME – WIDI Master

Hopefully this post finds you enjoying time with your family. I also pray that your time with family is better then some of the movies get togethers!

I also hope your year has ended well, leaving you much to be thankful for. Sometimes it is difficult to find the silver lining. I find that many times I simply need to adjust the way I am thinking about my situation and suddenly I realize how blessed I am.

As for the tech world as it relates to music education and music creation – well I’ve not posted much here lately simply because there have not been huge changes in what is available to us. Companies are starting to refine their products but not much astonishing has happened to alter the way we teach, learn and create.

I say not much because there have been just a couple of nice bits of news that give us a glimpse at a world not thought possible. Here is one such Christmas present giving us hope for a bright future….

CME has been around for a bit now and has brought us the XKey MIDI keyboard, the XKey Air MIDI Keyboard, and the WIDI Bud. I have not had the privilege of using their keyboards yet. I would love to add the XKey Air 37  to my setup but that will have to wait. The keyboards come in both 25 and 37 key versions. The XKey is a USB wired version while the XKey Air is wireless via Bluetooth. The WIDI Bud also makes use of Bluetooh MIDI and is a little USB dongle that connects to your Mac/Windows/Android/Linux/Chromebook computer/tablet allowing you to connect bluetooth musical instruments to your favorite software.

As I mentioned, I myself have not had the privilege of using the XKey Air or the WIDI Bud but Chris Russell from Technology in Music Education has used the products as have many others. People like CME’s products! They are small, light, compact and work like a charm!

BUT all of that is old news….

WIDI Master.png

The new news is their recent announcement of several new products they are working on that will help ensure the demise of cables in the music setup! CME announced the WIDI Master. This wireless MIDI device uses Bluetooth LE which is low energy Bluetooth and will be powered by our MIDI devices themselves! This will allow us to connect two pieces of MIDI hardware together wirelessly!

WIDI MIDI 2 Hardware.png

Here is from the CME blog –

“WIDI Master: The wireless MIDI over Bluetooth adapter.

With WIDI Master you can connect all your MIDI devices without wires. No matter if they are master or slave. For instance, you can connect two standalone MIDI hardware devices. Furthermore, you can pair your Bluetooth MIDI controller with any standalone MIDI hardware device. Also, you can pair your standalone MIDI hardware (switch to slave mode) with any iOS device or Mac. In addition, for Windows and Android users, you can use our WIDI BUD to fully enjoy these benefits.”


In addition to the WIDI Master CME also has given us a glimpse at three additional product  concepts. The WIDI HUB4 gives us the ability to have a WIDI HUB with 4 Bluetooth MIDI connections in one device. The WIDI PED3 allows for wireless connection of 3 pedals to your devices – automatically sensing between a switch or continuous pedal type. The WIDI UHOST connect devices with USB Midi already built in.


The Initial Campaign Has Surpassed Their Desire To Get 1000 People Signed up.

In a desire to test the waters out CME wanted to get 1000 people to sign up stating that they would be interested in such a product. Anyone signing up will get a discount on the final product upon shipping time. So instead of paying $59 we will be paying $39. The great news is they are now working on getting 3000 people to sign up and if they can do that then we will actually be only paying $29 for the final product!

So if this sort of product excites you then go read about it more on the CME Blog

Better yet – go sign up to be a supporter!

As to the question of whether or not Bluetooth MIDI is too slow – I can soundly state that it is NOT too slow for performance. I can also state that it is very reliable and I have never experienced any dropouts. I use Bluetooth MIDI every time I perform now. My devices are not currently from CME but are from two different companies. I’d love to personally compare CME’s products but will have to wait for the WIDI Master to be released.


2 thoughts on “Christmas News in the Music Tech World From CME – WIDI Master

  1. Paul – Your other blog talks about the PUC+ – which I someone missed when it launched. Can you tell if the WIDI Master is similar? I just tried to buy a PUC+ – sold out! That’s great for that company!

    Happy Holidays!

    1. I should have linked to that post – I’m glad you found it. From everything that I am reading the WIDI Master will be different from several aspects – 1)It will allow two hardware devices the ability to link which the Puc does not. 2)Because it will is Bluetooth LE It will be powered by the MIDI ports on the device it is using (assuming that device has power in the first place). So in other words my small controllers which need power themselves will still need power from someplace. Like my QuNeo or QuNexus or the 25 key keyboards I use frequently.

      I’m stoked for Zivx that they are sold out of the pucs! Have you tried someplace like SweetWater to see if another retailer has one?

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