Roli Seaboard Blocks on BIG Sale

Wowza – this is quite the prices savings if you have been waiting to pick up a ROLI Seaboard Block…

This is a GREAT time to jump in and grab these amazing instruments that have totally changed the options we have available to us for very a expressive experience! They DO take a bit of getting used to but wow!

Black Friday Sale Link

Now… there is another side to this story. If you have been following the news at ROLI you will know that they have just released new software and hardware. I’ve been trying to get a straight answer from the folks at ROLI about the differences in old hardware and the new. But apparently I don’t have the right connections – BUT I did find the answer straight from Marcus on their tech support forums. THIS is the answer I was hoping for! Bless you Roli! I love a company that has the ability to update my instrument through firmware!

Check out the short version below and then if you want the full read click here


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