Music Teacher with a New iPad?

So…. you are a music teacher and you just got a new iPad to help you run class and teach music….

What are the three apps that I think are the most important for you to purchase as a teacher to help you teach music?


Just saying….

Hope your school district helps support your purchase of an amazing device for music teachers! I believe every school should HAVE to buy every music teacher an iPad! But if they DON’T help you then you might feel like you have a brand new sports car in your driveway with no wheels and no money for gas! But it’s all paid for and you totally own it!

6 thoughts on “Music Teacher with a New iPad?

  1. Thanks for the iDoceo tip ! Will look into it.
    Just wanting to add that after trying both forScore and Newzik notation readers, I chose to stick with Newzik for mainly 6 reasons: – Organizations: Neat and clear organization windows, allowing to create Setlists for concert or educational purposes. – Projects: You can share your markings or any edits in real-time – Cloud: All the data you create in Newzik is uploaded to Newzik’s cloud, not needing to worry about ruining your ipad. You can always access all this information from any other iOs device – MusicXML: Ability to import MusicXML files, listen to them and make transpositions on the fly. Even more so after you recommended Notion ==> you can export your new piece from Notion into Newzik as a MusicXML file not needing to go through a desktop. – Audio/video/youtube: Ability to import any audio, video or youtube link and attach it to a piece. – Stable as a rock. forScore is great! but lacking a good library organizer (especially when you have many scores), MusicXML support and most importantly a cloud, it didn’t fulfill my needs.

    1. Sorry if I ask you this twice – I don’t think my other posted as a reply…. Thank you for your comment! I love your observations and agree with you except I do wonder what you think ForScore is lacking in its organizational options of its library.

    1. Hey Paul,
      It’s much less comfortable to look around my digital library in forScore. The piece list and Setlists are just a small pop up while in Newzik there is a dedicated working area for that with different tabs and organization options.
      Continuing with the organization topic, in Newzik I can store several parts in the same piece. This is extremely useful for a multi staves score (duet/band/chamber/orchestra), being able to switch easily between the different parts. As an educator, I can have a certain song with 3 different difficulty levels, as 3 different parts within the same piece.

      I’m curious to hear your thoughts about it !

  2. And I wish the conservatory would purchase iPads for the teachers 🙂
    That still seems like a far dream, but hopefully would be fulfilled one day

    1. I just made the exact same statement in my latest post – SCHOOLS SHOULD BE PURCHASING an iPadPro for every single Music teacher!

      Interesting thoughts on how you like Newzik organization better. I’ve used ForScore for so long that the layout in Newzik seems off for me. But all your other statements ring true – XMLand Cloud syncing between devices are becoming a HUGE issue for me!

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