Taking Photos of Photos (or posters)

Have a poster hanging on the wall inside of a reflective glass enclosure that you would like a photo of?

Have old family photos that have been sitting in a box in your grandmas basement that you would like to digitize?

There’s an app for that….

PhotoScanThe one I REALLY like is Google’s PhotoScan because it actually takes four pictures and mergers them into one to help get rid of things you don’t want in the final – things like reflections and imperfections like a curled edges. Plus it straightens the edges so you don’t have to get so perfect with trying to make it square (or rectangular)


UnFadeAnother one I am trying is the sister app to ScanBot – It’s called PhotoScanner Pro:Scan Albums but on your phone it sows up as Unfade.




Of course you COULD try just simply snapping a photo with your phone camera.

Compare the three results below…..

Google PhotoScan
Unfade Pro 2018-09-26
UnFade Pro

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