AirPlay from iOS to MacBook

Well that was an interesting thing that happened my first day back to school!

I normally have an Apple TV hooked up so I can mirror my iPad to the screen in my room. It wasn’t there today…. bummer.

My iMac from 2008 that I’ve used for 9 year in the band room as my main computer hooked up to the screen stopped working… bummer. Just shut off and won’t turn on.

So I grabbed my MacBook. On my MacBook I’ve used AirServer and Reflector in the past to mirror my iPad/iPhone to the computer and then have that show up on the screen in the classroom. I’ve purchased both apps because I think they are just wonderful. Our school network is wonky though and sometimes one works and other times the other one works. Which again led me to purchasing both apps. The cost vs the cost of an Apple TV is a tad less.

But today for some reason I hit the AirPlay icon on my iPad to see what showed up before eI had either of those two apps running and I saw my MacBook. So I selected that option and boom – my iPad showed up on my MackBook but in a totally unexpected app!

5KPlayer was the app that took my AirPlay request and hosted it! I can not even remember why in the world I downloaded 5K Player and honestly I find it extremely obnoxious because it hijacked all my movie files and has become the default app to open all movies in. I would rather use Quicktime.

But wow… if 5K Player will allow for me to AirPlay for FREE – well that’s pretty cool! oh… bonus – it will do a screen recording of your iOS device that is AirPlaying to your Mac!

I will say that actually getting the download is a trip down frustration lane as it bumps you over to cnet’s website – and the stupid MacKeeper download button is right there so be careful. Please make sure you know what you are actually downloading!


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