Last Chance for the Summer Korg Sales

If you have not taken advantage of the summer sales going on with the Korg apps you are running out of time!

As music teachers there are certain apps that I just absolutely think everyone of us can make use of and Korg has a few of those. Then there are those apps that as music educators and as musicians we should find absolutely astounding that we have available to us at these prices and Korg has a ton of those apps too!

Let’s start with the ones that music educators for sure can make immediate use of….image.png

Korg  Module – on sale for just $19.99

The IAP sound pack purchases are also on sale! This app is just an outstanding source of sounds. If you ever need amazing piano, electronic piano, strings or pads then this is one solution. Hook up any external MIDI keyboard and you have access to outstanding and quality sounds coming out of your speakers! Or use in conjunction with Korg Gadget or Cubasis to play accompaniments from previously sequenced recordings. I love the sounds you get with the initial purchase but the add on sound packs I would also suggest you listen to are the Ivory Keys ($15.99) and the Orchestral Dreams ($9.99)

As Korg Module can be run from your iPad or your iPhone – just imagine the capabilities of carrying the sound source in your phone and a nice light weight keyboard under one arm. Or better yet just carrying your phone and pugging whatever keyboard you have in front of you into that and having all the same sounds available to you! I know my 88 weighted keyboard from Roland is a monster to lug around! My phone is in my pocket!

image.pngKorg iM1 – on sale for just $14.99 is another app that most of us would have spent well over a thousand dollars in the past for as this is basically a Korg M1 inside your iPad! What an outstanding synth with sounds you hear in so many recordings!


Other apps that are just plain outright cool and sound great….

Korg iMS20 – $14.99

Korg iPolySix – $14.99

Korg iDS10 – $10

Korg Arp Odyssei – $14.99

Korg iWavestation – $14.99

Korg iMon/Poly – $14.99

Korg Gadget – $19.99


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