Fathers Day Music App Sales

It is Fathers Day Weekend here in the USA! As a father of 6 amazing kids I enjoy this weekend! We have munch to be thankful for. One of those items is the music we have in our lives! Now we can make even more great music with these app sales!

If you don’t celebrate Fathers Day you can STILL enjoy the sales!

First up – if you want an amazing sounding piano then Ravenscroft 275 from UVItouch at $17.99 is such an outstanding app! It is on sale for 50% off currently until the 8th of June so act fast.

BeatHawk, also from UVItouch, is an amazing choice for a DAW like app. Great interface, very easy to understand, very easy to get creative with and the sounds are great! Plays well with other apps too!

50% off at $4.99 for the app itself and 50% off the expansion packs as well. There is a wonderful Mallet percussion IAP that I’d suggest if you are looking for those type of sounds.

Next up is an app from Klevgränd…

Brusfri is a highly advanced audio noise reducer packaged in a simple and straight forward interface. Ok… I stole that line from their web site. But I couldn’t have written it any better… wait, I’ll try…

Pure magic is packed into an easy to use button!

If you record anything … this $8.99 is going to be the best $ you have spent in a long time!


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