St. Patricks Day Notion Sale

Well this is great news in deed! Even if you aren’t Irish!

PreSonus is giving you a 30% discount this weekend off of their stellar music notation app Notion as well as their DAW, StudioOne. PLUS you can even get 30% off a bundle of the two!

That means Notion is only going to cost you $105!

I have been very busy using this software combined with other music notation apps like PhotoScore in NotateMe and Sheet Music Scanner this past couple of weeks. We are doing a musical and there is no body around here that plays stringed instruments. Therefore I am putting those parts into Notion and then we will use the N-Tempo feature in Notion to have the Pit perform live with.

Not sure what that means? Well, someone taps along to the tempo and the string parts stay in sync with the live music! Plus you can even do vamps, jumping to a different section easily and all sorts of cool things that is just not possible in any other software.

Notion allows me to bring music into the software via computer keyboard and mouse input, via XML from the PhotoScore feature in NotateMe or Sheet Music Scanner, or via a MIDI keyboard input. Plus I can edit scores on my iPad while on the go and even make use of my Apple Pencil to quickly fix and add marking/notes that are easier because of using an Apple Pencil.

If you are looking for a new music notation app there is no better time than now to act!

Notion LargeNotion on iPad


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