iTunes12 – Playing Just One Song at a Time

So Apple in all it’s glorious wisdom constantly makes decisions based on what the company believes us end users need.

  • Some times that works out well for us.
  • Some times it backfires and blows up in Apples face – ummm, how many lawsuits is Apple currently facing for “slowing of older devices”? 12 I believe.
  • Sometimes it just drives long time users BONKERS

As is the case when I try to use iTunes to play the music for a show. I’ve done this for years and it has always been simple…

  • Create a Play list
  • Drop the tunes into said playlist
  • Make sure the little check boxes are all off

Then iTunes11 came out and hid the little check boxes! We found the solution last year. Apple apparently didn’t think we wanted to view our playlists as playlists any more. Thankfully Apple left the ability in iTunes to turn that WONDERFUL feature BACK ON – List the menus – VIEW/VIEW AS/PLAYLIST – as you can see in this screen shot…


iTunes Playlist view.png

Then this year iTunes12 was released. Remembering last years frantic frustration I went looking to make sure we could still play one song at a time. Good thing I did because once again Apple decided to hide my wonderful little check boxes! This time I had to go to PREFERENCES/GENERAL and make sure the option was on under List view Checkboxes as you can see in this screen shot…

View Check Boxes iTunes12.png

So now I can set my playlist to perform as I’ve done for years… If you look at the screen shot below you will see the first three songs have the check boxes marked so those three songs will play one after the other. The last three songs will not play until I select the song and hit the play button – after which the playlist will stop!

Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 6.23.48 PM.png

The short version of this story is the same warning as ALWAYS!

NEVER NEVER NEVER update any software/hardware right before a performance if it is mission critical! You just never know what little thing, or big thing, is going to be different/missing that will mess you up!



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