Mussila Musical Monster Adventure – Notes/Rhythm is FREE

Well this is a nice distraction on my last day of vacation – Mussila Notes/Rhythm is free (normally $5)

and it’s a fun little game that introduces kids to some basics of music. Basics like what different instruments sound like, reading rhythms and playing piano while reading melodies.

This app is for sure aimed towards the younger children but it is fun for maybe even middle school kids? One thing that I like is that there is no IN App Purchases to be found.

The app starts with a map you have to progress through with the intro steps being identifying which instrument is playing.

As you get those answers correct you are moved on to the next levels which include identifying rhythms and playing piano melodies. When you have to play piano you are guided with colored keys.

The app even allows you to record your little mixes you create by selecting different instruments for the game characters to play.

This app was founded by a graduate from the Royal Academy of a Music in London so y9u know that there is some solid musical thinking behind the game. Plus it is free right now so go….

If you are so inclined there are several of their apps that are DJ based that are currently free as well.


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