Luma Fusion is on its LAST day of being on sale! (Lowest price yet!)

Apple has given us iMovie for our iOS devices which is just a wonderful tool for us to create and share movies with but it is limited. Once you get the itch to start creating videos and want more then you will be on the search for an app that gives you more!

Luma Fusion Icon.pngLuma Fusion is that app…

Luma Fusion Audio TracksLuma Fusion has been prices $40, $30, $25 and lately $20 but currently it is at $17.99!

Used to be I’d suggest Pinnacle Studio but now those developers are the ones behind Luma Fusion – I sense a great story behind THAT but we are not going there!

Here is the description from their web site –

“LumaFusion is a powerful multi-track video editor used by mobile journalists, filmmakers and professional video producers to tell compelling video stories. If you are a professional or aspiring producer, journalist, or filmmaker, if you have a video story that’s begging to be told, if you want to use the latest technology for iOS; LumaFusion is the premiere professional video editing and effects app for you. If you’re not a “Pro” yet, our video tutorials, world-class free support, and incredible community of video enthusiasts and professionals on our forums will help you get there.”

Here is a their preview video:



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