A Great Movie for Music Educators

BEWARE-You will have to edit this movie as there are several spots that make this inappropriate for showing at school!

You know, as a Band Director I do not like to take very many days off from teaching. When I do I know there are precious few substitute teachers here that are qualified to teach band. It also mean I’ve got to do an awful lot of work before and afterwards that I’d rather not deal with as well. When I DO have subs I tend to have my students focus in on listening assignments. Our students are NOT listening to a very wide range of musicians and I like to expose them to new ideas/horizons.

I’ve found two new movies that I think are going to be just simply amazing for my students this year that I wanted to make sure everyone else was aware of as well.

Score ArtThe first is called Score: A Film Music Documentary.

This movie has an astounding number of people involved with it and it gives us a great glimpse inside of composing for films. That part of the film industry that our current students could easily find themselves involved in in the not so far future.

If you take a look at their score-movie.com they even have created some wonderful listening guides/quizes/worksheets for the classroom that are free to download!

Here is the trailer for the movie:


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