BeatHawk is FREE – go NOW and download it!

Well this is a very nice surprise for Labor Day! (well if y9u are an American it is Labor Day)

Go NOW and download BeatHawk (normally $10!) – they just lowered the price to a price hard to squabble with! It is FREE!

BeatHawk is a mobile music production studio that was one of the first to change the concept of what those pads mean in a music app like this. Each pad can be a different drum sound but they can also be an ididvidual instrument as well!

 The app is well connected – it has all those wonderful technologies built in that have come to be almost standard in today’s iOS music world. Inter-App audio, Ableton Link, AudioBus, AudioUnit, and Audio Copy. It also is well connected to the cloud with iCloud, DropBox and a few others too.

 Now if all those terms makes your head spin and you have no idea what they mean – no worries! Y9u can just dive right in and use this app lal by itself too. All by itself this app gives you so much fun and so much music making you wil loose track of time!

I have written about this app before – search my blog posts to find more info. Here are some screen shots and at the bottom you will find a short demo I did on this lazy Labor Day while waiting for my New York Strip to cook. 


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