Ton: Drum Machine (New and free app!)

This post is a short demo of the newly released drum machine app called Ton: Drum Machine. It is also a chance for me to play with the Screen Recording feature in iOS11 from my iPad, which works brilliantly I might add!

Ton Drum Machine IconTon: Drum Machine – (Currently Free!)

Ton is part drum machine and part sequencer all with a new flair to it. It is also free so go play!

Ton Screen Shot1.pngIn short there are a bunch of pre-loaded drum samples. You then use the drum samples and the circular interface to start creating some beats. Those beats can then be altered in various methods using the nicely done circular interface and in basic, twirling that wheel after selecting a parameter you’d like to adjust.

I particularly enjoy the ability to adjust things like the pitch, reverb and delay. Playing with the filter, attack and decay are fun too!

Jérémy Pinat has a great idea started here. I look forward to a few improvements like being able to change the volume of each individual hit in a pattern – I really don’t want to hear an ENTIRE measure of 16th notes with no change in how hard each 16th is being played!

I played with the app and I also took the chance to hit record on my iPad in iOS11’s beta. In iOS11, if you are not aware, there is the ability to do screen recording! I then transferred that movie to Final Cut for a few edits and uploaded it to YouTube. I hope you can figure out everything I am adjusting – It’s be REALLY nice if the Screen Recording feature would highlight where we are touching the iPad at but I don’t foresee that coming anytime soon as a feature!

Anyways – here is the demo of Ton: Drum Machine


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