NoteFlight and Google Classroom

I am still amazed that I find MUSIC teachers who don’t know what NoteFlight is!

What I am also amazed at is that NoteFlight has integrated its services into Google Classroom! 

This means those of us who wanted to be able to integrate music notation assignments into our online classroom environment (Google Classroom) will now be able to do so! Read below for the statement from NoteFlights Notes found online at…..

“Noteflight Learn offers direct Google Classroom integration! All student and teacher logins, classes, and assignments are seamlessly integrated, offering several advantages:

Google login is automatically synced; simply login to Noteflight Learn using Google.

Individual classes, schools, or entire districts can integrate with a single Noteflight Learn site.

Google Classroom classes are mirrored as Noteflight Learn Groups, so sharing scores and assignments with classes is easy.

Noteflight can create assignments in Google Classroom and students can turn in or mark as done from their Noteflight score.

Using Noteflight Learn with Google Classroom allows teachers and students to easily collaborate on creating, recording, and sharing music on any device. For information on setting up a Google Classroom integration, please read our Google Classroom Integration Setup instructions.

For any questions regarding using Noteflight Learn with Google Classroom, please email”


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