MET Podcast 09 Now Available with UberChord CEO

Chris and I finally found time in our busy summers to get another Podcast put together!  In the first half, we discuss the latest – both as far as what we have been up to and then also in the music education and technology world.  In the second half, we have the privilege to interview Eckart Burgwedel, CEO of UberChord.

UberChord kindly offered to pay for our first year’s hosting fees on SoundCloud, but we would have interviewed UberChord anyway.  It is always so fun to talk to developers and companies to find out their stories and the ideas behind their apps. Hearing what an app is all about and capable of is even better when talking to those responsible for bringing that app to life!

If you are a developer or a company, and you would like to talk with Paul and I about your product and its potential for music education, please contact us!  We are also open to talking to other influential teachers in the field.

We are learning a lot in this podcast endeavor–and we are hoping that you are, too.  We enjoy hearing the back stories behind the apps and the products.

ShowNotes are here –

Here is the link to the our Podcast Playlist. # 009 is the latest!


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