July 4th Apps Sale! MORE

Oh my goodness how could I forget these two?

Two of my most used apps – I have written about both of these multiple times before so if you want to know more then simply search on the right hand side of my blog for each.

DayOne is the most beautiful and gorgeous way to keep a Journal of any out there! Right now it is FREE for iOS as well as for the Mac! Use it for your personal life, travel journal, a way to keep track of what you do as a teacher or whatever job you have! Make multiple journals and use it on any of your devices and they will all stay in sync!

Cubasis is currently 1/2 off too! This is one of the most full featured AND easiest to use DAW’s for iOS available. This price point makes it simply a no brainer purchase!

Cubasis Mixer

Are you a guitar player who doesn’t want to lug around all those amps? Well this app can help!
Amplitube for iPhone is only $10

Amplitube for iPad is only $10 also


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